“Munakata Taisha,”the shrine for the god who protects the sea, where you can visit 3 shrines!

Munakata Taisha is an old shrine where you can view the Genkai Sea in Munakata city, Fukuoka Prefecture. There are three different Miya, Hetsumiya, Nakatsumiya and okitsumiya. These Miya enshrine the three goddesses that appear in“Nihon shoki”and “Kojiki”.
The shrine is said to bring fortune to the sea areas. It was proposed as a world heritage site in July of 2015 and is now aiming for designation in 2017.




The newly renovated shrine hall, “Hetsumiya”

Hetsumiya in Munakata Taisha is in Munakata city, Fukuoka Prefecture. It’s a 15 minute drive from Togo station on the JR Kagoshima Mainline. It became famous when the shrine hall was renovated for the first time in 43 years. The new hall looks so majestic and very beautiful with the surrounding trees. Looking at it from any direction will give you different aspects.

Small Miyas 

 The main shrine and its red roof.

You can visit all three Miya.

You can visit Nakatsumiya and Okitsumiya in Hetsumiya, all of which are part of the Munakata Taisha. By visiting Hetsumiya you can experience all of God’s power at Munakata Taisha. Okitsumiya is a shrine built on the island of Okinoshima. While visiting, please enjoy your trip with the help of the sea goddesses in Munakata.




Don’t miss the rare treasures of Okinoshima!

Okinoshima floats in the middle of Genkai Sea. Okitsumiya is on this island and is considered a holy place. It still holds on to an old tradition by banning women. Many treasures that were used for rituals during ancient times have been discovered on this island. You can see them at “Umino-michi Munakata-kan”, opened in 2012. You can also view the mystical scenery of the island from 3D footage. There are workshops for making magatama accessories as well as a workshop that teaches you how they used to build a fire before modern technologies. The museum is just before the Munakata Taisha, so please make a visit!


2331 Tashima, Munakata, Fukuoka Prefecture

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miki iwai

miki iwai


I love Japanese traditional culture and travelling all over Japan. I also like to see Noh performances, doing calligraphy, and reading/making Japanese poems called “Tanka.” Through writing, I’d like to introduce a unique culture that only exists in Japan.


Address 2331 Tashima, Munakata, Fukuoka Prefecture
Access 15 min by bus bound for “Hatoba” from JR Kumamoto Mainline “Togo”station.
Phone 0940-62-1311
Website http://www.munakata-taisha.or.jp/?viewmode=pc