Sparklers, the Beauty of Fireworks in your Hands

Senko Hanabi, or sparklers, is one of many traditional Japanese fireworks. Once upon a time, people used to play with them using and incense burner or hibachi, and it looked very much like burning an incense stick as an offering to the dead, thus becoming Senko Hanabi.

Handheld fireworks

Enjoy the summer with your friends and family with handheld fireworks.

There are many fireworks festivals throughout Japan, but  did you know you can enjoy fireworks at home too? During summer you can find such handheld fireworks everywhere! My friends and family and I used to play with sparklers during the summer quite often.

Of all the many kinds of fireworks, I recommend senko hanabi, or sparklers.
Senko hanabi is very quiet, but a bit fragile, so it can easily be extinguished by the wind.
Many other fireworks burn very brightly with ever-changing colors.

Senko Hanabi

Hold it carefully as to not extinguish it until it’s finished.

The moment you light it, the ball sparkles, growing bigger and bigger. At the very end, it sparks fiercely and dies out like a wind blown willow. The challenge is to hold the sparkling ball until it’s finished. If you drop it while its burning, Japanese people feel a bit sad.

Sebko hanabi

Senko Hanabi is available at convenience stores!

During summer, you can get them at convenience stores, so please enjoy them in a safe place. Don’t forget to bring a bucket of water with you and read the instructions carefully. I think I’ll enjoy them again with my friends this year!

Senko Hanabi

Senko Hanabi

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