Let’s explore the city of “Takehara” in Hiroshima, with it’s taste of old Japan.

Takehara city in Hiroshima Prefecture is a city that flourished because of the manufacturing of salt between the 17th and 20st century. There are 3 houses that are still in use and were owned by merchants at the time. The city was designated as an important cultural asset in 1982 and is different from those sightseeing places in Kyoto, Nara, and Kanazawa.

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The object of bamboo

The city where traditional Japanese life can still be seen.

The closest station is the JR Kure line, Takehara station. You can get here by limousine bus from Hiroshima Airport in about 30 minutes, but I recommend using the train, because you can view the beautiful scenery of the Inland sea. It takes about 1hour by bus and train and you’ll see the word “Okaerinasai”at the station of Takehara when you arrive. Whisper “Okaerinasai”to yourself so that you can enjoy sightseeing in Takehara with a peaceful mind.

The city of Takehara

Time travel to Edo period!

Let’s walk for about 15 minutes from Takehara station to Takehara’s most famous and preserved district. You can see old housing that was once owned by merchants who manufactured salt and brewed sake.

In the city of Takehara

Some of the buildings are used as offices and souvenir shops that sell traditional Takehara crafts. You’ll also find some cozy cafes, where you can relax.

Craft shops

A gallery that sells wooden products

A gallery

It’s even fun to get lost !

There are so many small roads in Takehara that you feel like you are traveling in the world of the Japan’s Edo period! You’ll find cats here just as easily as you would in Venice, Italy. You’ll commonly see them sleeping under the sun.

Small roads

Roof patterns

A cat relaxing at a house

After passing through the small roads, you’ll see the Kodo where the god of business is enshrined. Let’s pray for success in business!

A sacred hidden place in Takehara

Takehara is actually famous for its locations that have appeared in TV dramas and anime. The anime called“Tamayura,”that will be televised starting the second half of August, modeled the city of Takehara in their work.“Toki wo kakeru shojo”, directed by Obayashi, and NHK’s TV drama, “massan”also modeled Takehara. You’ll find some fun anime/drama related events where you can enjoy okonomiyaki and whisky that were used in the TV shows and movies. Come and feel the same atmosphere that your favorite characters/TV stars did.

The statue of massan


1-1-10 Chuo, Takehara city, Hiroshima Pref.

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miki iwai


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Address 1-1-10 Chuo, Takehara city, Hiroshima Pref.
Access 15 min walk from JR Kure line, Takehara station.
Phone 0846-22-4331
Website http://www.takeharakankou.jp