You should definitely stay 1 night to see beautiful “Taketomijima Island”early in the morning!

“Taketomijima Island”is one small island of the Yaeyama islands with a population of about 360. It takes about 10 min from Isigakijima Island by speedboat. The red tiled rooftops and the pure white sands made of crushed coral reef really stand out. The whole island itself is designated as a national park and the old scenery is preserved well.

2018-09-10   Visit: Charming Towns, Okinawa,


For my first solitary journey, I went to Taketomijima Island!

I usually don’t travel alone, or eat alone, but this time I thought of traveling alone to Okinawa. The place I went to is Taketomijima Island, 10 minutes away from Ishigakijima Island by ferry. I’d seen pictures of Taketomijima on TV and on other media and wanted to visit someday.

local people cleaning the road.

Scenery for only those who stay here 1 night.

The road in the village is paved with white sand made from crushed coral reef. It gets messy during the day due to travelers, but local people actually ‘manicure’the road early every morning.

The neatly manicured road.

There is no trash on the road, but there are beautiful patterns from brooms.
I woke up with the sound of a broom sweeping the road. I was so amazed at the beautiful patterns from the broom. I even hesitated to walk on it. It was so nice to see. The road will get messy again throughout the day when tourists come, so this scenery is something that only those who stay overnight can see.

The manicured road.

Nagomi no tou.

The island that gives you energy.

There are several guesthouses in Taketomijima. I had bad weather on the day I visited and could not go out. However, the owner of the guesthouse had a party for travellers who stayed and served us Awamori sake.


Local neighbors showed up and were drinking, singing and dancing together. It was so much fun! Taketomijima has so many wonderful attractions; the beautiful Kondoi beach, Nishisanbashi (where you can view a nice sunset), Kaiji beach (where you can find sand stars), and the statue of an Okinawan lion, usually placed in each house. There is so much to see and we never got bored. I also feel that the island also gives us some mystical energy.





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Access 10 min from Ishigakijima Island by speedboat