Taste the popular Japanese food Tsukemen, in Hiroshima!

The summer is coming to the end, but Japan is still very hot these days. Don’t you feel like eating something hot on a hot day? For those who love spicy food, I recommend Tsukemen from “Bakudan-ya”. There are some special Tsukemen shops all over Japan, but Hiroshima‘s has a special feature.
Tsukemen is a type of cold noodle that you dip in hot soup. Occasionally, you can choose from hot or cold soups, and hot or cold noodles. Its very similar to Japanese “Zaru-soba”.


Chili battle! What level of spiciness do you prefer?

The special feature of Hiroshima’s Tsukemen is its spiciness. The soup is based with soy sauce and has red-hot chilies and chili oil that is very appetizing, even on a hot day. The range of spiciness is from x0 to x20. If you prefer, you can order x200 too. It’s madness!
I do like spicy food, but chose x5, which is in the range for beginners.



Be careful not to eat too much! It feels like you can keep eating it forever!

This was my first time trying Hiroshima’s Tsukemen.
The noodles were cold and chewy and went well with the hot spicy soup. Eating spring onions and cucumbers as garnishes together taste even better. The kick of the spicy peppers was so good and felt that I could order more spicy soup. I also ordered Karage, or fried chicken. This chicken is dipped in in their special sauce and is delicious. The shop is located just before Hiroshima station, so I recommend that you head there right away when you arrive!



1-2 Matsubaracho, Minami Ward, Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture

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Address 1-2 Matsubaracho, Minami Ward, Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture
Hours 11:00~21:30(L.O 21:00)
Phone 082-567-8360