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Hakata is a historical town that has been peaceful with China for over 2000 years. I’d like to introduce 4 routes to enjoy and tell more about the history of Hakata. Today, I’ll tell you about touring temples in Hakata!


Taste the best Japanese tea, Yamecha!

To begin with, let me take you to the world of tea! The special teashop Hakata Chakura, is located 10 minutes from Hakata station by foot. They serve Fukuoka’s Yamecha, a famous Gyokuro tea in Japan. The owner Mr. Nishi, lectures on how to make tea and about the different kinds of tea.

How to brew Yamecha

How to brew Yamecha

Yamecha was chosen as #1 at the tea fair in both the Gyokuro and Sencha classes.
※ Gyokuro is the highest class of tea of all Japanese tea, and the Sencha is the standard class of tea that is enjoyed more casually.

tasting Yamecha
Yamecha has a strong sweet smell and deep taste. Hakata Chakura is close to the station, so please visit if you come to Hakata.

Hakata’s engagement gifts

Hakata’s engagement gifts

Engagement gifts at the teashop!

You’ll find beautiful engagement gifts here, which are part of traditional Japanese culture when offering gifts to a newly engaged couple. The gifts and the places to find them differ in each area.
In northern Kyushu, teashops carry engagement gifts. It is said that tea was born in Hakata and tea used for good health and longevity is one of the traditional engagement gifts of Hakata. The gifts are used in the wedding party, so it looks so beautiful! There isn’t much of a chance to see these gifts, so please ask Mr. Nishi for a look at them. *Hakata Chakura

Hakata Sennen-mon

The front of Hakata Sennen-mon

“Hakata Sennen-mon”, the gate that was built to hope for prosperity in Hakata

I’d like to show you the leading gate, Hakata Sennen-mon, which leads to the Hakata Teramachi area. It’s about a 5-minute walk from Hakata Chakura.
The gate was completed in March of 2014 and has 4 legs that are 8meters high. These are highly detailed and the wood is said to be more than 1000 years old. Touch it and feel the power!

The front of Hakata Sennen-mon

There are two framed motto pictures, “Hakata Sennen” and “Mannen Shozoku”, hung on the gate. These pictures basically represent the long prosperity of Hakata. The latter one was written by a monk in Manju-ji, China, and is a token of friendship from China over 1000 years ago.


It’s like a garden! “Shotenji-dori Street”

Shotenji-dori Street is historical and reproduces the road as a stream with a promenade. It’s so surprising to see such an interesting road near Hakata station! It’s also nice to walk here in Kimono!


※ This article was contributed by “Bura Bura Fukuoka”.

“Hakata machi aruki Bura Bura Fukuoka” offers historical experiences for foreign visitors in Japan, Foreign guides, arrangements for a Kimono wearing experience, and other services.
For more details, please see http://en.burabura-fukuoka.jp/
(Japanese, English and Chinese websites are available)


1-24-14 Hakata eki-mae, Hakata city, Fukuoka Prefecture

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