A morning fair in Miyagi with 10 thousand people, “Yuriage-asaichi ”

“Yuriage-asaichi”or Yuriage morning fair is in Natori, Miyagi Prefecture.
It a 20 minute drive from Sendai Airport and after passing the area destroyed by the earthquake, you’ll start to see wooden constructed roofing and prefabricated housing. There is no parking area, but it’s a morning market where cheerful voices echo from the fishery and market place.


Japanese style barbecue

Fresh seafood satisfies the local people at the newly revived “Yuriage-asaichi” market!

On March 11th, 2011 the Yuriage area, Natori city was devastated by the Tohoku earthquake. Yuriage-asaichi was also lost due to it, however the fishermen’s union tried to live without the relief of supplies and revived Yuriage-asaichi on May, 2013.

The local people look forward to having breakfast here every Sunday and on national holidays. Many people arrive here even before opening hours. There are also a variety of events held every week, such as flea markets and jazz concerts. Sometimes the local specialties like “Don-mono”are given out for free and children line up early in the morning.

You can grill freshly caught prawns, shells, salmon and mackerel pike at the barbecue site.

My recommendation is Akagai, or “ark shell”. The three star sushi restaurant even admits that they only use the ark shell caught in Yuriage. It tastes so thick and the texture is chewy.



Wood decks

All the specialties of Tohoku in one area.

There are more than 50 vendors at the market and the Yuriage fishery union sells seafood. There are different shops every week where fresh vegetables, fruits, and flowers are available for purchase.

It never gets boring.
I bought onigiri with tarako and pickles.
These side dishes increased my appetite! Please buy some rice and side dishes to go.


People come to a stop, to see footage of the earthquake

There is a wooden building at the Yuriage morning fair called Maple-kan and its wood was donated by the government of Canada.

Seafood products made in Tohoku, sweets made in Miyagi, and sewing crafts made in prefabricated houses are sold inside Maple-kan. Footage of earthquake is also played all the time throughout the day. I wondered if people get sad when they watch it, but they don’t. They were watching it very sincerely and said that they want to step forward and face the facts, so they don’t forget the disaster. I felt the strong will to revive Tohoku.

The footage of Maple-kan

Yuriage-thousand clanes.

I took this picture from the hill right beside the Yuriage morning fair.

There used to be a lot of housing before the earthquake.
Once a week this place is revitalized by the morning fair, but it’s still remains partaially devastated.

I hope that one day I can hear everyone’s voice just like it could, once before.


5- 23-20 Yuriage, Natori city, Miyagi Prefecture

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Kanako Yoshida

Kanako Yoshida


I was born in Wakayama Prefecture, where my family manages a temple, and used to work part time as a Japanese Miko. I love touring temples and shrines wearing my ‘yukata’ (summer kimono) and will introduce relaxing temples and shrines, as well as good restaurants!


Address 5- 23-20 Yuriage, Natori city, Miyagi Prefecture
Hours Every Sunday and national holidays 6:00~13:00 (Closed on Mon to Saturday)
Access 20 min drive from Sendai Airport
Phone 022-395-7211
Website http://yuriageasaichi.com/