Iisaka Kenka Matsuri

Fri, the 2nd to Sun, the 4th of October: Iisaka Kenka Matsuri (Fighting Festival) in Fukushima

Yawata-jinja Shrine’s Rei-taisai is held for three days centering on the first Saturday of every October. The festival to show appreciation for a large harvest and the safety of the town has continued for over 300 years. The reason why it’s called “Kenka”, or ‘fighting’ is derived from the most intense night on the 2nd day, when they hold “Miya-iri”.

Iisaka Kenka Matsuri(Yawata-jinja Shrine’s Rei-taisai)
Place:Iisaka Yawata-jinja Shrine
Access:10 min walk from the bus stop Iisaka Onsen station. The bus departs from JR Fukushima station.
Inquiry:024-542-2560 (Yawata-jinja Shrine’s office)



Yawata-1 Iizakamachi, Fukushima-shi, Fukushima Prefecture

Nihonmatsu Chochin Matsuri

Sun, the 4th to Tues, the 6th of October: Nihonmatsu Chochin Matsuri (Lantern Festival) in Fukushima

This festival started as Nihonmatsu-jinja Shrine’s Rei-taisai about 360 years ago. It is held from the 4th to the 6th of October every year. 7 taiko drum cars are gathered from 7 different towns and each one carries about 300 lanterns while parading through town. The highlight is the night of the 4th, which is called “Yoi-matsuri”. There will be about 3000 lanterns on the 7 cars parading the town with cheerful voices and the sounds of ohayashi instruments.

Nihonmatsu Chochin Matsuri (Lantern Festival)
Place:Nihonmatsu-jinja Shrine
Access:JR Nihonmatsu station
Inquiry:0243‐55‐5122 (Committee office)



1 -61 Motomachi, Nihonmatsu, Fukushima Prefecture

Nagasaki Kunchi
We were permitted to take photos by Catholic Archdiocese of Nagasaki

Wed, the 7th to Fri, the 9th of October: Nagasaki Kunchi in Nagasaki Prefecture

“Nagasaki Kunchi” is an autumn festival held for the Nagasaki’s local deity at Suwa-jinja Shrine.
You can see a funny Japanese dance inspired by traditional Japanese dance at this festival. The costumes are very colorful giving the festival an exotic taste. It’s so dynamic! Let’s shout “motteko-i”, or ‘encore’ with the rest of audience!

●Nagasaki Kunchi
Place: Suwa-jinja Shrine
Access:Streetcar station “Suwa-jinja mae” station



18-15 Kaminishiyamamachi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki Prefecture

Events for the second half of September

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