10 minutes away from Fushimi Inari Taisha: These are too good to tell anybody about! The beloved sake and tasty food of Fushimi, Kyoto!

I’d like to introduce Fushimi Momoyama station, 10 min from Fushimi Inari Taisha (http://jp.tadaimajp.com/2015/08/fushimi-inari/) by Keihan train. Fushimi is famous for its Japanese sake breweries. Tasty sake needs good water and rice. Fushimi used to be伏水, literally meaning,‘lying water’and is famous for its high quality of water. Enjoy sake and good food made from Fushimi’s water.

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Enjoy Kyoto’s cuisine at the sake brewery,“Tori-sei”!

It’s a restaurant that serves chicken dishes and sake.
Since 1976, people in Kyoto have known it as a shop that offers Kyoto cuisine.
The shop is a renovated sake brewery and it has high ceilings.
On the first floor, there is a big tank in the middle and the sake “shinsei”is served from it.
The sake, served in sake breweries, tastes so good.

Fushimi’s sake, Shinsei

There is also a tap where you can bottle up Fushimi’s water to take with you for free.
The local people take water in plastic bottles. Taste the special water!

Here are the recommendations at Tori-sei!

Lunch: chicken rice teishoku
Lunch: chicken rice teishoku

1)The lunch menu is so popular! You may have to stand in line if you don’t arrive early enough.
Lunch time:11:30~16:00

Chicken and kujyo spring onion.
Chicken and kujyo spring onion.

2)Let’s eat locally raised “Kyoto vegetables”!

Kujo spring onions have a sweeter taste than other onions.
You should try the Stir fried Kujyo spring onions with chicken!

Tori-sei Chicken rice.
Tori-sei Chicken rice.

3)To finish your dish, let’s eat this!

My recommendation is Chicken rice. (※Seasonal menu)
Put the ingredients on the rice and pour the soup on it!

Please try it!

Address 186 Kamiaburakakechō, Fushimi-ku, Kyōto-shi, Kyōto 〒612-8047
Access: 5 min walk from Keihan Main line Fushimi Momoyama station.
10 min walk from Keihan Main line Chushojima station.
6 min walk from Kintetsu Kyoto line Momoyama goryo-mae station.
Hours:【Tue-Fri】 11:30 ~ 23:00(L.O 22:30)
【Sat, Sun & National holiday】 11:00 ~ 23:00(L.O 22:30)
Closed on:Monday (Except national holiday and December)
【New Year … 12/31~1/3】
The number of seats:250 ※Including separated private room
Parking:Available for 30 cars.



I want to come here once a week! A popular salad restaurant amongst girls, “Salad –no-mise Sancho”



This shop offers salad and grilled food.
The retro interior and the staff’s costumes are so cute.

They have a variety of menu items such as salad and grilled juicy meat. If you don’t know what to order, ask the staff for their daily recommendation!

Sancho A lunch

You can eat a set lunch for 1050 to 1500 yen.
This is A Mixed Lunch for¥920.

・Main dish (Grilled scallop, salmon and shrimp)
・Today’s soup
・Green salad
・Rice (Specially raised rice) or roll breads
・Drink(Coffee, tea, banana juice or orange juice)

【Salad-no-mise Sancho】
Address:573 Uoyachō, Fushimi-ku, Kyōto-shi, Kyōto〒612-8041
Access:3 min walk from Keihan Fushimi Momoyama station .
Hours:AM 11:30分~
PM 9〔LO〕
Closed on:Wednesday
This writing makes me hungry! Kyoto has so many good restaurants!


京都市伏見区魚屋町573 サラダの店 サンチョ

“Yucho”, the liquor store where you can taste more than 80 kinds of sake from Fushimi!

Otesuji shopping street

The shopping street, Otesuji shotengai is located on Otesuji Street, which leads to Fushimi Castle, built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. It is always crowded with many people.


I’ll introduce two shops that I want you to visit.

One is the liquor shop “Yucho”、 where you can taste sake from Fushimi. You can try 3 kinds of sake from more than 80 kinds at the tasting counter at the shop.

It costs 150 yen to ~550 yen
You can even order a full glass of sake if you want, from 250 yen~1000 yen.

Ask the staff for their recommendation. You can buy a bottle if you’d like.

Address :780 Higashiotecho, Fushimi Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto
TEL :075-601-0147
FAX : 075-621-5050



“Aduma Sushi”、where you can get Kyoto’s pressed sushi.


On the opposite side, there is a saba sushi shop called “Aduma Sushi”.
Saba-sushi is a popular sushi in Kyoto. Because Kyoto isn’t close to the sea, people needed to preserve fish longer. Fish are pickled with salt, which later became saba sushi.

The popular menu at Aduma sushi is “Ryuma”. Chirashi sushi, hosomaki, temari sushi, hako sushi with shrimp, conger eel, makisushi, and saba-sushi are layered in bowls.

Kyo sushi for 5 people.

My recommendation for take out is “Kyo-sushi”.

It’s good to eat by the river.

【Aduma sushi】
Address: 762 Higashiotecho, Fushimi Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto 〒612-8053
TEL: 075-611-1379
Closed on :Tuesday

How about eating after visiting Fushimi Inari Taisha?
Please visit if you have a chance!


Ryogaemachi 4-chome, Fushimi Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto

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Access Ryogaemachi 4-chome, Fushimi Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto