Itsukushima Shrine night view

Itsukushima Shrine night view

Let’s hang out at Itsukushima Shrine at night after dinner.

If you are staying overnight in Miyajima, I’d recommend seeing Itsukushima Shrine at night!
At noon When we saw O-torii at low tide, there were a lot of people, but if you come here at night, it’s a little less busy.
It’s hard to believe the silence and you can only hear the sound of the waves. We headed to Itsukushima Shrine after dinner to see the illumination.

Itsukushima Shrine night view

The mysterious O-Torii gate is a must see!

Walking during night time at Itsukushima Shrine and witnessing it’s illuminated O-Torii is beautiful. The light reflects on the surface of the sea and we enjoyed such an amazing view! I even felt as if many gods were coming down to this world from the sky. I just kept staring at the sea.

I recommend going out to see Itsukushima Shrine at night after dinner. Please see the beautiful lights and O-Torii reflecting on the water surface. Nothing beats this amazing scenery.

Illumination starts when the sun sets and is available until 11PM everyday.
You don’t have to stay in Miyajima to see this night view, but be sure to check the ferry schedule so you don’t miss your ride back to your place!


1-1 Miyajimachō, Hatsukaichi-shi, Hiroshima Prefecture

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Address 1-1 Miyajimachō, Hatsukaichi-shi, Hiroshima Prefecture
Hours Sunset to 23:00
Access 15 min walk from the pier. (To the pier, it takes 10 min from ferry at Sanyou mainline Miyajima-guchi station.)