“KENDAMA” is a new kind of sport!

The Japanese toy, “KENDAMA”is now popular all over the world! For Japanese people, Kendama reminds them of something they played in elementary school. I too, used to play it when I was a child.


Kendama is a you tube hit!
If you search “Kendama”on YouTube, you’ll find tons of videos that have had thousands of hits, and even few with over a million! Young people play it with cool music in the videos and apparently, walking the streets wearing a Kendama on your neck is a cool thing to do. This boom overseas has returned to Japan and has become popular again. Kendama started in Japan around a 100 years ago and has now transformed into a completely new kind of sport all over the world!

“Is this really Kendama?!”Look at the world champion’s techniques!

TJ editorial team visited the world championship, “G-SHOCK PRESENTS Kendama World Championship 1 on 1 Tournament CATCH & FLOW 2015” held in Shibuya on September 11th.

Kendama flag

The site

The origins of the Kendama boom are in America, Canada and Denmark. Famous Kendama players from these countries came to the championship. In a total of 16 players, 9 preliminary winners and 7 overseas players competed and completed the techniques within the set time. Competitors perform their techniques every 45 minutes at the 1 on 1 tournament. Each player has a different style and different technique that entertained audiences! Check out the video!

What do you think? It’s a pleasure to know that a traditional Japanese toy is now popular among foreign people! There is said to be about 300,000 different Kendama techniques. I never expected that many, since I only know one technique; catching the ball in the cup!

At the championship



Acrobatic “KENDAMA”

A supporter of this Kendama boom is the“ZOOMADANKE”team. They were at this championship, but unfortunately lost. However, it was super cool to see their dance fusion style Kendama! Watching their performance will change your opinion of Kendama!

Traditional Japanese Kendama has now become something new! This cool and hip Kendama game is something you should keep your eyes on!

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