The Kyu-Furukawa gardens

Kyu-Furukawa gardens

Every year the “Autumn Rose Festival” is held

Every year the Kyu-Furukawa gardens hold its “Rose festival” in the spring and fall. In conjunction with the rose exhibits is a music event, so you can relax and spend a day in the gardens.
The roses in autumn are said to hold their aroma for a longer period of time. Looking at the beautiful roses with the retro building in the background, warms your heart. You might feel yourself becoming a princess, or something similar.
Famous flowers like the “Princess Michiko,” “Princess of Wales,” “Ingrid Bergman,” and “Maria Callas” are some of highlights of the event.

Kyu-Furukawa gardens

The exotic atmosphere of a western-style building in the Kyu-Furukawa gardens makes it beautiful.

Japan, as a country seriously started to interact with the world around the beginning of the 20th century and since then there have been many western-style buildings constructed in the country. Differing from the traditional Japanese building style by use of stone, brick, tile, gardening, etc., it brought a new construction style to Japan.

Kyu-Furukawa gardens

Architects from the United Kingdom and gardeners from Japan created a new harmonious Japanese-western style

On the high grounds of the Kyu-Furukawa gardens they created a western-style building, on the slopes they made Italian-French style gardens, and on the lower areas a Japanese garden. From this design, a harmonious balance between the western style building and the Japanese style garden was created. Josiah Conder, an architect from United Kingdom and the father of modern Japanese architecture, designed the western style mansion and garden. Conder also worked with other architectural structures, influencing important parts of the Japanese culture. Pioneering the modern Japanese garden was a man named Jihee Ogawa.
The Kyu-Furukawa gardens are well preserved and have been selected as a place of scenic beauty in Japan.

Why not hang out on a nice sunny day during autumn?

 Kyu-Furukawa gardens

■The Rose Festival in the Kyu-Furukawa Garden
Sat, October 10th to Sun, October 25th

Kyu-Furukawa gardens


1-27-39 Nishigahara, Kita-ku, Tokyo

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