miyajima yakatabune

Miyajima Sanpai-yuran

Let’s cruise for 30 minutes in the evening.

After enjoying O-torii at low tide, the tide started to come in. We boarded a houseboat so that we could take a look at the Torii from different angles. It takes about 10 minute to get to the port of Itsukushima Shrine. We headed to the 3rd pier in the back. The highlight of this cruise is passing underneath the Torii gate!
It’s such a rare experience praying under the Torii gate! There weren’t’any other people there that day, so we had a private cruise! The sunset was really picturesque. Let’s get on the boat!

Miyajima Sanpai-yuran
We started from here.
Miyajima Sanpai-yuran
Getting closer to the O-torii.

Starting from the sea path and seeing the God

Little by little, we got closer to Itsukushima Shrine. There were more people around when the tide was low, but now we were alone in the middle of the sea. We were so happy to experience such an unordinary event.

Finally, we passed under the tori.

We finally passed underneath the Torii.
It’s amazing to see the God by passing underneath!

Itsukushima Shrine

A framed picture seen under the Torii.

Look at the framed picture under the O-torii.

When you pass under the Torii, please take a look at the framed picture. It is written in two kanji characters, which represent the name of the Shrine. There are two different sets of kanji characters written on both sides of it.

The Chinese character.
The captain told us the difference between these characters.

On one side of the picture, it says Itsukishima and means ‘Itsukushima Shrine,’ written in the old language. On the other side it says Itsukushima and is written in an older, but more recent language. Both versions have a different writing style.

O-torii and the houseboat


The sunset during the evening cruise

After landing on the shore, the sun was about to set.


It’s so beautiful to see the yellow/orange colored sky and the sea that was once clear blue during the daytime. I stood in awe, and the beauty was impossible to capture in just one picture. I was surrounded by the beautiful warm light of the sunset. Cruising during the evening is recommended!




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