You can eat the same kind of fast food that Samurai used to eat from the Edo period! The Japanese tavern, “Miyatogawa” is now open in Edogawa-bashi!

In August of 2015, Asakusa’s popular Izakaya, “Miyatogawa” will be open in Edogawa-bashi! They serve the same kind of cuisine that people from the Edo period used to eat. The dishes are made from old literature recipes, and their unique concepts attracts many customers.

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The Edo period’s fast food

The entrance at Miyatogawa

Have some freshly prepared cuisine that samurai used to love!

As you already might know, Tokyo is famous for its wide variety of restaurants! There are so many good restaurants and izakaya (Japanese taverns) in and around each area. The number of Japanese fusion Italian and French restaurants is on the rise, and their definitely worth a try. However, there are not many shops where you can eat the same traditional food that people back in the day used to eat, at cheap prices.
If you are visiting Tokyo, you’ll maybe want to try the same type of food that was eaten during the Edo period (1603-1868).
The Izakaya, “Miyatogawa” opened in August of 2015 and you can eat Edo cuisine from recipes from old literature passed down from the Edo period.

Hiryuzu, or deep fried tofu 
Hiryuzu, or deep fried tofu
Tofu-dengaku (miso coated grilled tofu)
Tofu-dengaku (miso coated grilled tofu)

My recommendation are the Tempura skewers at ¥150. They were commonly eaten by samurai and general citizens at the time. Hiryuzu at ¥500 and Tofu-dengaku at ¥500, are from the book called “Tofu Hyakuchin”, published in 1782.
The ingredients they use are carefully selected local vegetables harvested in Tokyo, and game fowl called “Tokyo Shamo”. If you want to fully enjoy “Edo Tokyo”, this is the place for you!

Local sake

Course menu

Of course, sake is also made in Edo!

To go with such amazing cuisine, sake is the drink of choice. You can also taste shochu, local beer, and traditional sake.

Tatami room

If you want to drink as much local Edo sake or local beer as you want, I recommend that you reserve an ‘all you can drink option’, or course menu. The price range starts at ¥2800 and is quite cheap. Its nice to relax with your friends in the tatami rooms, or just enjoy time alone at the counter, while feeling like you’re back in Edo as a samurai of the time.


1F Asanoya Bild. 1-4-6 Suido, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

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Address 1F Asanoya Bild. 1-4-6 Suido, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Hours 17:00~0:00
Access 7 min walk from Subway Yurakucho line Edogawa-bashi station. 10 min walk from Subway Tozai line, Namboku line and Toei Oedo line Iidabashi station. 10 min walk from Subway Tozai line Kagurazaka station.
Phone 050-5589-4605