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I found the sign for Okakae-Jizo!

While walking down the street of Takehara city, I found the information for the stone image of Okakae-Jizo. It says, “Why not hold Jizo, so that your dream will come true?” I was curious what it would be like to hold it, so I decided to take a look. After going up a steep slope, there was a small red Jizo! It seemed as if the stone image is the Okakae-Jizo.

Making a wish

I hold Jizo and pray for safe travel!

Until coming here, I didn’t understand what “Okakae” means. This Okakae-Jizo is believed to fulfill your wishes if the Jizo feels lighter than you expect while holding it. This Jizo is indeed small enough to embrace. I had made a wish for safe travel and good weather during my trip. I felt that the Jizo was lighter than I expected. I was blessed with good weather during my trip. It’s good to recite the Jizo’s mantra, “On-kakaka-bisamaei-sowaka”, three times.


Let’s go and see the Jizo!

Why not embrace Jizo and make a wish? When visiting, be sure to get good directions, because the corner, which you need to pass on the way, is hard to find. I found this out later on, but the main object of the Jizo is in Chosoji Temple, which is also in the same district. Please visit the main temple too.


3 Honcho Takehara city,Hiroshima Prefecture

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Address 3 Honcho Takehara city,Hiroshima Prefecture
Access 15 min walk from JR Kure line Takehara station.