“Shuukaen”, the ramen shop in Onomichi that brings in ramen lovers!

Shuukaen is a ramen shop that opened in 1947 in Onomichi. The first owner, Shu Ashun, was from Taiwan and the shop is still referred to as “Shu-san” by the local people. I recommend arriving earlier for lunch on weekends, because the lines tend to get long just after they open.

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Shuukaen Ramen


Go there after rush hour!

After touring Onomichi, you might find yourself a bit hungry. I’d like to introduce you to Onomichi ramen at the popular, “Shuukaen” restaurant. Occasionally, you’ll find up to 50 people lined up just before opening time at 11 a.m. We arrived around 2pm and luckily didn’t have to wait!

Ramen soup topped with slices of roasted pork

The tasty broth made from chicken bones and pork back fat is superb!

“Onomichi ramen” is a general term known throughout the east side of Hiroshima Prefecture. The broth is made using chicken bones and soy sauce and the pork back fat makes it thicker. You’ll find that some shops use broth made from small fish caught in the Inland sea, but Shuukaen uses chicken, pork back fat, and soy sauce. The slices of roasted pork are so tender and tasty and the noodles go very well with the thick soup.


We easily finished off a plate of Gyoza!


Decide what to eat before entering!

Shuukaen is so popular that they sometimes run out of ingredients and have to close early. They’ll come to take your order before seating you, so it’s better to decide what to eat before entering. Once your served, please enjoy, but be careful not to burn your tongue, because it’s very hot! You should also be polite and leave once you finish, because other people will be waiting for a table.


4-12 Toyohi Motomachi, Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima Prefecture

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Address 4-12 Toyohi Motomachi, Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima Prefecture
Hours 11:00~19:00(Close once it’s sold out)
Price 500~1,000yen
Close Thursday and every third Wednesday
Access 15 min walk from JR Sannin Main line Onomichi station.
Phone 0848-37-2077