Entrance to the Namiki-Yabu-Soba shop

Try traditional Japanese cuisine

Asakusa is one of the most famous places for sightseeing in Japan and Sensouji temple and Kaminarimon are located here. I recommend that you to visit “Namiki-Yabu-Soba” shop while your there.

This soba shop was founded in 1913 , as one of the “Yabu-Gosannke(藪御三家).” “Yabu(籔)” means historical soba shop in Tokyo, which implies one of three famous and historical restaurants in Tokyo. The most unique feature of the Namiki-Yabu-Soba is the strong soy source flavor of its savory soba broth. This is the reason why I often go to this Soba shop.


Which menu item is most popular?

The most popular menu item is “Zaru-Soba”! If you would like to enjoy a simple Soba taste, try “Zaru-Soba”. Another one is “Tenn-Zaru-Soba”, which adds deep-fried food (Tempura) to the Zaru-soba noodle dish.


This is the best Zaru-soba! Looks nice doesn’t it!


Ten-Zaru-Soba is another popular menu item… I’m getting hungry!

The tasty way to eat Soba!

There is no one right way to eat Soba, but I would like to show you how I eat and enjoy soba.
The traditional way of eating soba is to not only enjoy the taste but also the aroma and texture.

1.First, try eating just the Soba.

Thin and light noodles!

Please enjoy the soba taste! It is slightly sweet but refreshing.

2.Dip only the soba into the broth.

3.After that, put the long green onions and spices into the broth and enjoy the Soba!

You can dip the noodles more, depending on the flavor of the broth. Namiki-Yabu-Soba’s broth has a strong flavor, so it might be better to only dip it for a short time.


I really like spicy broth, so I use it for half of my soba.

4.Finally, mix the Soba soup and the hot Soba water and drink it.

Hot Soba water, called “Soba-yu”, is used to boil the Soba. The shop’s staff will serve it together with your meal in a large Japanese teapot. It is really tasty and is said to be very healthy. Why not try it?


The taste is so mild, so you may start to feel relaxed!


Please come visit this soba shop when you come to Asakusa♪

The average price of a meal is ¥1000~1990.

You might have to wait about 30 minutes or more, because it’s a very famous soba shop.
The best time to come is at opening time (11am), or after 3pm. When you come at these times, there isn’t usually a wait.


2-11-9 Kaminarimonn Taitou-Ward Tokyo

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My friends tell me, “You’re always stuffing something into your mouth!” I love making Japanese sweets, so I’ll focus on tasty Japanese food, especially Japanese sweets!


Address 2-11-9 Kaminarimonn Taitou-Ward Tokyo
Hours 11:00~19:30
Price ¥1000~1990
Phone 03-3841-1340