If you want to enjoy tasty sake and seasonal food, eat at “Sorakyu”! (Hiroshima)

The Izakaya, Sorakyu opened in 2010 and is named after a sake cup. A variety of Japanese sake and seasonal foods are available.

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A plate of assorted sashimi


Enjoy seasonal food!

The first thing I’d like to tell you about Sorakyu is that all the dishes are very delicious! Each dish uses seasonal ingredients, all of which are very appealing! We visited during the summer, so we immediately ordered edamame.

Deep fried corn kakiage

The best item on the menu was the corn tempura. The corn smelled so delicious and tasted so sweet that I had to order a second serving!

A plate of assorted sashimi

This plate of assorted sashimi made me happy! Each fish has a different texture and taste; one can be chunky and another can be soft. Some fish smell like the sea in your mouth when you bite into them. This cool decoration is also nice, isn’t it?

Enjoy Hiroshima Sake!

Did you know that Hiroshima is famous for producing sake? Hiroshima’s sake tastes very mild. Let’s try it!

Hiroshima sake

We ordered a sake called “Ugo-no-tsuki”.
It came with a fashionable sake name card.
Let’s pour it in the sake wine cup.

Pouring sake to the wine cup is called “Sorakyu”.

This cup is actually called Sorakyu and it’s the name of this shop!

The bottom is pointy.

This cup looks like a spinning top, so you can’t put it directly on the table. Don’t think that you have to keep drinking, because it comes with a special pedestal, so you can take your time and enjoy it!

ice with a raw egg

Finishing your meal with rice and a raw egg is the best!

I go so full after eating, but couldn’t resist ordering rice with a raw egg! The rice was a bit under cooked, so it really went well with the egg! The soy sauce was also something special and I enjoyed eating everything!

The noodle

Most Izakaya are closed on Sundays, but Sorakyu stays open on this day! Please visit this delicious Izakaya if you’re in Hiroshima.




1F-5-19 Nagarekawachō , Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima Pref.

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Address 1F-5-19 Nagarekawachō , Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima Pref.
Hours Tue-Thr. 17:30~1:00(LO24:00) Fri&Sat 17:30~2:00(LO1:00) Sunday17:30~24:00(LO23:00)
Price ¥4,500~5,000
Close Monday
Access 407m away from Ebisu-cho station
Phone 082-236-8199