Be a sake-meister at “Fuji-shuzo Winery”in Takehara city, Hiroshima Prefecture

Takehara city is known as the origin for whiskey in Japan and is featured in the TV drama “Massan”. The Fuji-shuzo Winery in Takehara has been operating for over 130 years. The shuzo exchange hall utilizes the part of the sake brewery built during the end of the Edo period. There’s a shop where you can enjoy the excellent combination of soba and sake!

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Soba noodle

Ice Monaka
Ice Monaka
Price of Ice Monaka
Shuzo Ice 143 yen

Shuzo Ice Monaka is a ‘must try’ when traveling Takehara city!

Takehara city in Hiroshima Prefecture flourished because of the manufacturing and exportation of salt. See details
If you are in Takehara, you can’t just leave without a tour!
I’d like to introduce you to a good tour route starting from Fuji-shuzo.
It would be nice to start from Takehara station and end the tour here, because there is a large sign that says “Welcome back!”, however it takes a while to get to Hondori street.
Sumiyoshi Daijinguu, Saihoji Fumeikaku, The Machinami Preservation Centre and History museum are definitely worth visiting and Fuji-shuzo’s Ice Monaka is the best! This ice cream is delicious, because it has faint smell of sake and it’s crust is a little different from the Haagen Dazs crispy sandwich.

The shuzo exchange hall
The shuzo exchange hall
The shuzo exchange hall
The shuzo exchange hall
Taste testing
Taste testing

Finish your day trip in Takehara here at The shuzo exchange hall!

After enjoying a relaxing day in Takehara, let’s go to the shuzo exchange hall to drink sake! The atmosphere and the excellent collection of sakeware are something you should see.
Three attractions of the hall:
1.Taste testing sake.
2. The display of beautiful sakeware, all available for purchase.
3. Choosing a favorite sake with the staff.
Sake is a very strong alcohol, so please be careful not to drink too much.
You can feel the warm atmosphere of Takehara. It’s nice to purchase a piece of sakeware to go with your favorite sake.

The Soba shop, Tanizaki
The Soba shop, Tanizaki
Sake cups
Soba noodles
Zaru soba is the most common type of soba.

Have dinner at the soba shop, “Tanizaki”.

After shopping, head on over to Tanizaki, the soba shop in the back of the hall.
Ordering at Tanizaki is simple.

1.Choose from 20 different kinds of soba and sake.
2.If you haven’t ordered soba before, just order “zaru”and ask them what snack goes well with the sake.
3.Choose a cup on the table, and sip sake.
4.Enjoy the meal.

Sake and soba go so well together. I also recommend trying the sake-kasu gelato. (240 yen)
Please taste the sake slowly and drink water with it so you don’t get inebriated. You’ll become a sake-meister!


Let’s go to the Sanin area if you want to drink sake!

The Sanin area refers to Hyogo, Hiroshima, Okayama, and Yamaguchi Prefectures and is where the history of sake began. Takehara city preserves its history much more than other areas.

Some of you might think that sake is hard to get, or pricy, but Takehara makes it affordable and sells a lot of it in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.


3-4-14 Honcho, Takehara city, Hiroshima Pref

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Address 3-4-14 Honcho, Takehara city, Hiroshima Pref
Hours A.M.10:00~P.M.5:00
Close Every Monday (If it was national holiday, next day will be closed)
Access 15 min walk from JR Kure line Takehara station. 10 min drive by taxi
Phone 0846-22-2029