“Genießen in Tokio – 100 Restaurants und Cafés”, a guidebook for 100 restaurants and cafés in Tokyo, chosen by a German writer!

Axel Schwab, A Japanese food expert from Germany published his new guidebook, “Genießen in Tokio – 100 Restaurants und Cafés”. It introduces 100 Restaurants and Cafés in Tokyo! TJ writer wasabi, currently based in Berlin, has flown to Munchen to ask him about his new book.

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Genießen in Tokio – 100 Restaurants und Cafés

Genießen in Tokio – 100 Restaurants und Cafés

Tokyo restaurants and cafés for Germans, carefully chosen by a German writer!

Tokyo is a large city where many international visitors come each year. It is famous for its many restaurants and cafés, even when compared to the other large cities of the world. According to research by the French newspaper, “Le Monde”, Tokyo has about 160,000 restaurants, about 10 times more than Paris. Other research says that the main purpose for visiting Japan is its food and there are many varieties to satisfy foreign tourists! The German expert on Japanese food and culture Axel Schwab, lived in Tokyo for five years and is enthusiastic about Japan. He is the author of “Japan in Berlin”, the perfect guide to Japanese restaurants in Berlin. After returning to Germany, he still peruses good Japanese restaurants. He published his new guidebook, “Genießen in Tokio – 100 Restaurants und Cafés” last month, and its targeted towards German readers with its pop and cute designs. Its very light and compact, so you can easily travel with it. All the restaurants in the book are chosen based on his opinions, and are quite different from ordinary Japanese guidebooks.

It focuses on popular areas such as Harajuku and Shinjuku.
The simplified map is easy to understand.
12 different categories
These cute icons are useful for finding what you want.

A Well-organized guide for each area, with interesting categories.

One benefit of this guidebook is that, it focuses on popular areas such as Tokyo station, Harajuku, and Akihabara, all easily accessible. The Restaurants and cafés that are introduced in this book are mainly located in and around Tokyo station. The simplified map with a number attached to each shop is easy to understand, and you don’t have to worry about getting lost even if you’re visiting Tokyo for the first time. I found his categorization interesting. There are 12 different categories with cute icons, such as a sushi, a noodle, a teishoku, an izakaya, and organic and Japanese tea icons. When looking at these 12 categories, I could see what German people are interested in, when coming to Japan. The organic category really shows that Germans are very conscientious about “BIO,” or organic systems that are popular in Germany. Japanese tea is also widely known in Germany because of the many kinds of herbal tea commonly consumed there. The Japanese tea icon shows their desire to enjoy a cup of authentic Japanese tea when they come to Japan.

*BIO=the term “Organic” used in Germany

”Japan in Berlin” is a must have Japanese food guide if you live in Berlin!

Don’t miss his latest information!

He introduces Japanese culture and Japan-related information found in Berlin on his website “Japan in Berlin” and also on “Japan in Munchen” . I have been wanting to visit him because of the series I write for Tadaima Japan, “Finding Japan in Germany!” I also wanted to get my much used copy autographed. You can also get it here ! For German readers, please check my previous article about Macha Macha (Japanese tea café in Berlin), translated into German on his website!

▶︎Gastbeitrag: Ein Interview mit Erik, Besitzer des japanischen Tee-Salons Macha Macha in Berlin.


He is an expert on Japanese food and culture. He lived in Tokyo for 5 years, and published the Tokyo traveler guide, “Labyrinth Tokyo”. He currently lives in Munchen and continues to seek new Japanese restaurants. He is the author of “Japan in Munich” and “Japan in Berlin”. All the interviews and photographs are his work and he has dined at all the restaurants listed in his books. He visits Japan every year with his camera and pen.

▶︎For more details about『Genießen in Tokio – 100 Restaurants und Cafés
, Please see here.

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