“Katori Jinguu”, one of the best Japanese shrines in Chiba Prefecture, standing in a solemn forest.(MOVIE)

This is one of 400 impressive Katori shrines that exist in Japan. Katori Jinguu sits on 12,300 square meters of land. The shrine is located in the northern part of Chiba, Katori city and sees about 2 million visitors every year. The enshrined god here is “Futsunushi-no-Okami”, who appears in Nihon shoki, the oldest history book in Japan.

Katori Jinguu

The approach that celebrates the four seasons.

After passing through the Torii gate, you’ll find a gravel pathway. During spring, cherry blossoms bloom, fresh green leaves characterize the pathway during summer, and beautiful autumn foliage is found in the fall. Walking the pathway to the main shrine relieves and refreshes me.

The Approach

A Lantern
Deer are carved as ministers on the stone lanterns along the approach.

After passing the Somon, where a pair of Komainu stand, you’ll see the vivid vermillion colored Romon. It was built in 1700 when the Honden was built. This well-balanced gate is the symbol of Katori Jinguu. You’ll see the nice contrast of colors between the vermilion Romon and its front most shrine, surrounded by the majestic looking forest.



The front shrine

The front shrine

Boost your fortune by visiting places flowing with mystical power.

After passing the Torii gate, you’ll instantly feel the mystical energy of Katori Jinguu. There is also one more place that is said to Boost your fortune.

『Sacred tree』
There’s a large cedar tree in front of the amulet reception area. It is said to be over 1000 years old, and is 10 meters in circumference.

Sacred tree
Sacred tree

Sanbonsugi, or three cedar trees is said to be one tree. When Yoritoshi Minamoto prayed for three wishes, this tree stump split into three.


People used to think the reason why this land has so many earthquakes is because of the large catfish that dwell underground. Katori Jinguu and Kashima Jinguu drive a stone (Keystone) deep into the ground, killing the catfish.


The area known as, the “Forest of Katori”

You can enjoy beautiful scenery such as cherry blossoms, summer greens, and autumn foliage during each season in this immense forest. You might feel as if you’re embraced with its long history and beautiful nature. Please plan a visit.



1697 Katori, Katori city, Chiba Prefecture

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Address 1697 Katori, Katori city, Chiba Prefecture
Access 1h 30min to 2h from JR Tokyo station to JR Sawara station. 10 min by taxi from JR Sawara station.
Phone 0478-57-3211
Website http://www.katori-jingu.or.jp/