Mitsutouge is the best observation platform.

I hiked up “Mt. Mitsutouge, considered one of the best Japanese mountains for autumn foliage, and got a nice view of Mt. Fuji!

Mt. Kaiunzan

The peaks of Mt. Kaiun(1785m), Mt. Osutaka(1775m), and Mt. Kinashi(1732m) are considered parts of Mt. Mitsutouge. These peaks are great for getting perfect views of Mt. Fuji. The mountain path is not too steep, so it’s a good walk for catching some nice red autumn foliage! This mountain appeared in the animation, “Yamanosusume” where female high school students hike and is popular among anime fans. There are three routes. One starts from the Fuji Express, Otsuki Line at Mitsutouge station. Another starts from the side of Lake Kawaguchi, and the third one starts from the Sasagotoge Pass. I chose the first route starting from Mitsutouge station, because there is variety of nice scenery.

Let’s go on a hike!

I started from the Fuji Express, Otsuki Line, Mitsutouge station.

Mitsutouge station

I arrived at the Mitsutouge Green Centre after walking about 20 minutes. I then kept driving, and arrived at Sakura Park.

Sakura Koen

After an hour walking from the green center, I arrived at “Ikoi-no-Mori”. The autumn foliage was very beautiful.


After a while, I found Daruma-ishi! Mitsutouge is a rich water resource, so flood disasters are common. The Daruma-ishi was enshrined here about 150 years ago to calm these disasters.


Hiking starts from here!

A signboard

The well-paved mountain path continues on.

The mountain pathway

It’s the point called “Matanozoki”on the way to the top. The path from here is a bit narrow, but it’s still, very beautiful!

Mt. Fuji

If you keep hiking the mountain, you’ll find a come upon a steep zigzag road. This monument is for “Aizenmyouo”, the god of matchmaking.


A stunning view of Mt. Fuji, right before your eyes!


A view of Mt.Fuji

A view of Mt.Fuji

This is the last slope to Mt. Kaiun. If you look back, you’ll see the south Alps in the distance. You can view all the mountains from Mt. Kaiko to Mt. Tekari. Mt. Kita and Mt. Aino are covered with snow, because they are over 3000 meters above sea level. You can also see Mt. Hoo and Mt. Jizo’s pillars. It’s really stunning! It makes me want to hike these mountains too.

Mt. Kaiun

Arriving at the peak!

I arrived at the peak of Mt. Kaiun, at an elevation of 1786 meters! There were many foreign visitors and I felt everybody knew the best time to hike to the top!

At the top of Mt. Kaiun

At the top of Mt. Kaiun

I’ve been wanting to see this beautiful scenery!

At the top of Mt. Kaiun

The view of Mt. Fuji from the Mitsutouge villa is perfect!

Mitsutouge villa view

I enjoyed all the scenery, Mt. Fuji covered with snow, autumn foliage, blue skies, and the great view from the top! Bathing in the public bath at Green center was also very pleasant. It was exactly what I imagined and it was a wonderful trip!

Autumn foliage

Fuji Yoshida’s specialty, “Yoshida Udon”

After hiking, delicious food awaits you!

Yoshida Udon

Yoshida Udon

You need to chew Yoshida Udon vigorously,because it has a strong chewy texture.
The soup tastes simple, with soy sauce and miso flavors as options. Cabbage is added as a garnish. It’s prepared so that you can add grinded red pepper, sesame, and Japanese pepper. It’s really spicy and tastes very good! Please try it when you visit Fuji Yoshida!

The season for hiking and autumn foliage is happening!
Let’s find beautiful scenery and have a wonderful experience!


Kawaguchi, Fujikawaguchiko, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Pref.

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Address In between Tsuru city in Yamanashi Prefecture, Nishikatsura and Fuji Kawaguchiko machi.
Access Fuji Express Otsuki Line Mitsutouge station.