Events for the second half of November

Taimatsu Akashi

Saturday the 14th of November: Taimatsu Akashi in Sukagawa city, Fukushima Prefecture

It’s one of the three largest fire festivals in Japan with 420 years of history. A Taimatsu is 10-meters in length, weighing 3 tons, and is carried by about 150 men to Mt. Goro. 20 Taimatsu, including this large one, will all be lit on fire and will burn in the the evening autumn sky. This festival is really majestic.

Taimatsu Akashi

●Taimatsu Akashi
Place:Midorigaoka Park, Mt.Goro
Access:15 min walk from JR Sukagawa station

Gingko Festival

Saturday the 14th of November to Sunday the 6th of December: Jinguu Gaien Gingko Festival in Shinjuku, Tokyo

This year is the 19th anniversary of the “Gingko Festival”. This festival is often used as a filming location for T.V. dramas and Movies. It’s a well known area for autumn foliage in Tokyo.
The highlight of this location are the large yellow gingko trees. The view from Aoyama street is especially beautiful, because of the nice contrast of the yellow gingko, the blue sky, and the Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery.

●Jinguu Gaien Gingko Festival
Place:Held around the spray pond area.
Access:10 min walk from JR Sobu line, Shinanomachi station.
13 min walk from JR Sobu line Sendagaya station.
3 min walk from Tokyo Metro Gaien-mae station.
3 min walk from Tokyo Metro/Oedo line Aoyama 1 chome station.
10 min walk from Oedo lineKokuritsu Kyogijo station.


東京都新宿区霞ヶ丘町1 明治神宮外苑

1 Kasumigaoka machi Shinjuku, Meiji Jinguu Gaien Tokyo

Nishinomiya Shrine Taisai

Thursday the 19th to Friday, the 20th of November: Nishinomiya Shrine in Shizuoka city, Shizuoka Prefecture.

“Nishinomiya Shrine” is usually a very small and quiet shrine located near Shimizu city in Shizuoka Prefecture. However, on the day of this festival it gets very busy with it’s many visitors. There will be many shops selling Kumade and Maneki-neko as lucky charms. It is said that people begin to prepare for winter after this festival ends.

●Nishinomiya Shrine Taisai or Big Festival
Place:Nishinomiya Shrine
Access:Take abus from JR Shimizu station. “Hatoba Verkehr Musuem ” stop.



5 Honmachi, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture

Events for early November

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