The most popular event in Sekigahara town, Gifu Prefecture is the Battle of Sekigahara festival!
This event makes you feel as if you were back in time when the states of Japan were at war.
We recommend that you stop by this event before or after you visit the other, very popular sightseeing spots of Hida, Takayama, Shirakawa-go, and Nagoya.


What is the Battle of Sekigahara festival?

The Battle of Sekigahara festival is a historical reenactment of a battle for dominance over the whole country of Japan in 1600, in the town of Sekigahara, Gifu Prefecture.
Many foreign and domestic tourists visit every year.

※The Battle of Sekigahara
It was September 15th, Keicho 5 (October 21, 1600), when the East army led by Ieyasu TOKUGAWA and the West army led by Mitsunari ISHIDA faced off with each other.
150,000~200,000 soldiers battled desperately for their family fortunes.
The result of that battle was an overwhelming win by the East army, which meant Ieyasu conquered the whole country. The time dramatically changing course to the Edo Period.

●Saturday, October 10th ~ Sunday, October 11th , 2015
●Venue:Jinbano ground, Sasaoyama ground ※Sasaoyama ground is on the 11th only.

Recommended events

Many events are packed for those two days! We will introduce recommended events.
・”The Samurai procession of the whole army”, Sunday, October 11th
The Samurai procession that takes place for about 30 minutes from the Sasaoyama grounds to the Jinbano grounds and is simply overwhelming!


・”The Battle of Sekigahara narrative scroll” Sunday, October 11th
It’s a multi-people-focus drama that’s a historical reenactment of the Battle of Sekigahara with people wearing Samurai armor. Please do have a look at this powerful performance!


・”Demonstration of the gun-bearing troops” Sunday, October 11th
The gun-bearing troops, with their genuine matchlock guns, give a demonstration of firing their weapons using gunpowder!
The white smoke from their muzzles enhances the demonstration.


・”The Warring States goods market” Saturday, October 10th and Sunday, October 11th
It’s Japan’s largest market where goods from the Warring States are sold.
There is also a dining area where you can enjoy local dishes.





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Address Sekigahara town, Fuwa District, Gifu Prefecture
Access Get off at Sekigahara Station from the JR Tokaido Line A 5-minute walk to the Jinbano grounds A 2-minute walk to Sasaoyama grounds ※The shuttle bus operates between the Jinbano grounds and Sasaoyama grounds.
Website +81-584-43-1112