“The Umeda Sky Building” is popular among families during the day and couples at night.

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The Umeda Sky Building was chosen as one of the “TOP 20 BUILDINGS AROUND THE WORLD” by British media, “The Times”. There is also a highway running through the building and you can view it from the 173-meter-high observation tower.

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The beautiful scenery from the Umeda Sky building

The Umeda Sky Building at night.

The Umeda Sky Building, chosen as one of the top 20 buildings around the world.

This 173-meter-high skyscraper was built in 1993. In 2008, it was chosen as one of the top 20 buildings around the world by the British publication, Dorking Kindersely. The Parthenon, Sagrada, Familia, and Colosseum were others that were chosen. The Umeda Sky Building is composed of two towers; tower east and tower west, which are connected by a circular hanging garden. After 2008, the number of visitors increased from 60, 000 to 410,000.


Getting to the observation tower is also fun!

To get to the 35th floor, take an elevator from the 3rd floor in tower west. This elevator is built with clear glass, so you can get a great view of Osaka. After that, take an escalator to the 39th floor of tower east. This escalator is also encompassed in glass! Crossing the skyway at 130 meters above ground is so exciting! Hold on to the railings! When you get to the 39th floor, buy a ticket to get into the hanging garden on the 40th floor. The price is 700 yen for adults.

Grand front Osaka

Osaka-jo Castle Tenshukaku

Let’s view Osaka city from the top of the hanging garden!

You can view the city of Osaka from the observation tower. On the west side you can see the grand front Osaka, built in 2013. It is connected with 4 different buildings; The South tower, North tower, Inter continental hotel and a private owner apartment tower. There are also 270 shops inside. To the south west, you’ll see Osaka-jo Castle. To the west, you can view Osaka bay.

Umeda Sky Building
The cleaning man.
Umeda Sky Building
The cleaning man.

I came across the cleaning man who cleans windows on the 40th floor!

He was cleaning windows from the 40th floor all the way down to the gondola. It looked very difficult.

The highway running through the building.

The highway running through the building.

You can also see the TKP building where the highway runs through the building between the 5th and 7th floors! Who would imagine a highway passing through a building! Why, do you think?
The plans for building the TKP and the plans for building the highway were proposed at the same time in 1993. Both companies didn’t want to give up their proposal and they argued for over 5 years, ending up building both together! The highway and the building are separate from each other, so the highway will remain even if the building was demolished.
The illuminating tale lights along the highway are so beautiful at night!

The beautiful scenery of the Umeda Sky building
©Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau
The beautiful love seats at Umeda Sky building
©Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

You’ll want to visit with your loved-one at night.

The best place for couples is the “Lumi Deck”. Let’s take a seat on the red bench located in the middle. Once you sit down, grab the railing on both ends. The LED lights on the glass floor will illuminate. It measures your level of love in 4 stages, levels 1,2,3 and MAX. The illumination level will differ according to the strength of your love.
I also recommend cafe SKY 40. There’s a 35-meter long counter in front of large glass windows, where you can get great scenery of Osaka. It’s designated as private seating, so you can intimately enjoy it with your partner.


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