Lake Usui

Autumn foliage at Lake Usui

Walk around the lake and enjoy the autumn foliage to your heart’s content.

Autumn has finally arrived in Japan. Today, I’d like to introduce lake Usui in Gunma Prefecture, where you can see beautiful autumn foliage. Lake Usui is an artificial lake that was made at the same time when the Sakamoto dam was constructed. It has a paved, 1.2 Km path around it and takes about 20 minutes to walk.

Lake Usui

Let’s go to the dead railway track, “Apt street”.

If you have enough time, I recommend you to go to “Apt street”, which is about 14km long. It will take about 4 hours to walk this area of paved road.
Apt street is an abolished railway track area where trains used to travel. You can walk in the tunnel and on the bridge and it’s really popular with tourists. To get there, leave on the JR Shietsu line,from “Yokogawa” station. It takes about an hour and a half from Tokyo by taking the Shinkansen and local trains. Why not go out and see the autumn maple trees on a sunny day like in the picture below?

The Lake Usui

The Lake Usui

There’s a Bento shop called “Oginoya” in front of Yokogawa station. Their bento, “Kamameshi” was awarded the best Ekiben in Japan. Please try it!



Matsuidamachi Sakamoto, Annaka city, Gunma Prefecture

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Address Matsuidamachi Sakamoto, Annaka city, Gunma Prefecture
Access 15 min by car from the JR Shinetsu line “Yokogawa” station.