A new style of Kimono was born!

What do you imagine when you think of Kimono? Tidy? Sophisticated? Refined? The Kimono produced by YOSHIKI, from the Japanese rock band X JAPAN, was released at Tokyo Fashion Week on October 17th, 2015 and it’s nothing like we imagined… it was very cool!

YOSHIKI is a world famous artist.

YOSHIKI is a songwriter, drummer, and classic pianist. He produced theme songs for Hollywood movies, and even the theme song for the 2012 Golden Globe Awards. His band, X JAPAN, has released 30 million CDs to date. They do world tours, playing Madison Square Garden in New York last year and will perform at Wembley Arena in England next year (2016).

YOSHIKI ‘s spirit as a Japanese person.

YOSHIKI’s parents are dealers in fine fabrics for traditional Japanese Kimono. He is the first son of their family and is drawn towards traditional Japanese culture through working overseas and by launching the “YOSHIKIMONO” project. While upholding Japanese tradition, he creates a new world of Japan by mixing in rock music culture.



The impression of this Kimono is very stunning! Unlike traditional Kimono, his Kimono is worn loosely, with upper part more open. It’s also very short and worn with fishnet tights and long boots. The colors are quite vivid using black, red, pink, and blue. Traditional Kimono is said to be made to fit a Japanese person’s body, but YOSHIKIMONO is also designed for foreigners. Everything is so innovative!






The makeup was done by MAYBELLINE NEW YORK

The makeup was produced by MIZU from MAYBELLINE NEW YORK. Leaving the refined atmosphere, she puts sharp and strong impressions on the model’s faces by adding red lipstick. Tadaima Japan was invited for the fashion show by MAYBELLINE NEW YORK. We saw make-up artists working very diligently, and at the same time, being under a tight schedule. Thanks to them for their hard work, all the models looked so beautiful and even more fascinating afterwards!



The show ended with a success!

While YOSHIKI was playing the crystal piano on the runway, models appeared on the stage.  A variety of Kimono were introduced while he was playing Beethoven’s, “Moonlight Sonata”, Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake”, and X JAPAN’s “Art of Life”. There were many people from other countries in attendance too!






His challenge to the world!

YOSHIKI’s Kimono is far from the traditional Japanese Kimono culture and there might be a lot of controversy surrounding his vision of it. However, if you don’t try to create something new, new ideas and creativity will never be in the future. We felt that the Kimono made one step forward in the world standard.


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