A place loved by the locals

“Anago Meshi Ueno” restaurant is easy to find: it’s in front of the ferry port that takes you to Miyajima. We went there because locals recommended to us and it didn’t disappoint! If you visit Miyajima and are into fish, do not miss the local conger eel. It’s caught in the Inland sea near Miyajima, and conger eel rice, served with sweet and spicy teriyaki sauce is a dish as popular as oysters here.

Ueno’s curtain

Get there early!

We arrived at around 11:30 and waited for about 30 minutes before being seated. You will usually have to wait for about 2 hours on weekends, so please get there early and be prepared to wait in line.

You can chose the size of your “Anago-meshi” (conger eel rice) : small, medium or large.

Their “Anago-meshi” truly was tasty and definitely worth the 30 minutes wait. In Tokyo, conger eel are often eaten in a stew, and serving it grilled and served over rice is really a local dish. The rice is steamed using excess conger eel too which gives it a delicate soy sauce taste. If you sprinkle some Japanese pepper on it, it tastes even better!

# For those on the go

Ueno lunch box
You can get a take-out lunch at the shop. The “Anago-meishi” lunchbox was first sold as an Ekiben (packed lunch sold on trains). You can eat it anywhere, on the train, on the ferry, or even on a bench in front of the famous Miyajima great Torii.


1-5-11 Miyajimaguchi,Onocho, Saekigun, Hiroshima

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Address 1-5-11 Miyajimaguchi,Onocho, Saekigun, Hiroshima
Hours 9:00~19:00
Price Average 2,000 yen.
Close No scheduled holidays
Phone 0829-56-0006
Website only)