The Japanese finally made a hot spring on a train platform! A Footbath at Arashiyama station in Kyoto.

It’s a hot spring footbath on the platform at Kyoto’s Arashiyama station and it’s connected to the Hannari Mall & Hokkori Square. Anyone can access this hot spring, because there is no ticket gate at Arashiyama station. It’s a hidden, relaxing place where you can relieve your travel fatigue.

The Footbath at Arashiyama station

Arashiyama station

The Footbath at Arashiyama station

A hot spring footbath on the station platform! Take a footbath while watching trains pass by!

You will probably visit Kyoto to see the temples and shrines if you come to Japan, and it requires a lot of walking. If you get tired from walking all day, why not visit the local, Randen Line at Arashiyama station? This is not just a station, it’s also home to a hot spring and just opened last year (2014)! It’s connected to the Hannari Mall & Hokkori Square, where you can do some sightseeing as well.

The Footbath at Arashiyama station

Enjoy a natural hot spring for just 200 yen!

Did you know that Arashiyama actually has its own natural hot spring? It’s called Arashiyama Onsen, and it’s offered at some hotels as well. The footbath at Arashiyama station also uses this natural hot spring and is available to everyone, even those who aren’t using the station. Please buy a ticket at the information desk. It includes towel. You don’t need to make reservations, and it’s really cheap for a hot spring! Why not enjoy a footbath while watching trains pass by? A Footbath balances your body and it increases your circulation. It’s popular among Japanese women who typically have bad circulation. Please try it and see how it works for you!



Arashiyama Station Kyoto

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Hours am9:00-pm6:00
Price 200 yen (including towel)
Access Arashiyama Station