If you visit Nanzen-ji Temple, “Suirokaku”, the modern architectural canal is a must see!

Suirokaku at Nanzen-ji Temple was built in 1890. It’s a high-rise architectural canal that bridges over the Biwakososui River and is 93.2-meters long by 4-meters wide. For its modern architectural design, it was designated as a historical site in Kyoto in 1983.

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Suirokaku at Nanzen-ji Temple

It feels like Rome! Who built it?

Sakuro Tanabe was just 22 years old when he designed it. There must have been a lot of pressure to build a bridge in the most noble temple in Japan. He managed to accomplish this through his passion for engineering and design, and was also was prepared to take responsibility if the bridge had failed.

Suirokaku at Nanzen-ji Temple

Suirokaku at Nanzen-ji Temple


Suirokaku at Nanzen-ji Temple
The top of Suirokaku

Take a look at it from different points of view!

He had his own policy that stated, “Every architectural structure should be perfect from any perspective.” It is indeed beautiful from any direction and perfectly matches the scenery of Nanzen-ji. Its unique scenery and continuous arches intrigues me. You can get to the top of the canal using the stone staircases.

Nanzen-ji temple

Drop by if your visiting Nanzen-ji Temple!

Above all, The Suirokaku canal at Nanzen-ji Temple is something you shouldn’t miss if you are visiting! It’s very picturesque and you’ll be astonished by its modern and retro scenery… you might even feel like you’re in Rome!
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Nanzenji Fukuchicho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 606-8435

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