Shimokubo Dam in Saitama Prefecture, where you can view the beautiful winter cherry blossoms and autumn foliage.

Lake Kannako has a unique shape that looks like the letter ‘L’. It displays the beauty of each season and is popular for fishing. The Shimokubo Dam is eco-friendly and has successfully tackled the difficulties of environmental maintenance.

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Kannako Dam

Shimokubo Dam
The dike is 190-meters high. Be careful if you have acrophobia!

If you like nature, visit Shimokubo Dam!

Most of the land in Japan is very mountainous and electricity is primarily generated by water. There are many interesting dams throughout Japan, which has even created “dam maniacs”! We recommend the Shimokubo Dam. It’s about 2 hours from Tokyo, located between Gunma and Saitama. The biggest feature of this dam is its unique shape. It has two separated dams, one is the main dam to discharge water, and the other is a supplemental dam. The supplemental dam is used to save water and can multiply the amount of water up to 10 times or more.

The beautiful contrast of an artificial object and nature

The Dam and its Lake are a must see!

Shimokubo Dam and Lake Kannako together, were chosen as one of the best in Japan. The scenery of autumn foliage and cherry blossoms reflecting on the water surface are very beautiful. This lake is famous for it’s fishing and is home to many species of fish. You can see the rankings of the fish that tourists have caught on their official website. The largest fish as of now, is a largemouth bass at 49cm. You can also register on the website by sending in your photo.

It’s designated as a natural monument treasure of Japan.

“Sanbasekikyo canyon” has taken back its beauty.

At the lower reaches of the Shimokubo dam you’ll find “Sanbasekikyo”, essential stones used in Japanese gardening. This canyon used to be completely dry due to the Shimokubo dam. However, the Shomokubo dam released water into the canyon reviving its beautiful scenery and replenishing the canyon with stones. From July 2001, they started releasing soil to restore it to its original condition. The Dam makes our lives easier and comfortable, but has also burdens the environment. I can see an answer to our relationship with nature.

There are beautiful winter cherry blossoms blooming from late October to early December at Jomine Park, near the dam. Please visit to see the cute little pale pink colored cherry blossoms!


1356-3 Yano, Kamikawa-machi, Kodama-gun, Saitama Prefecture

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