It’s like Paris!

The first generation, Tsutenkaku Tower.
The first generation, Tsutenkaku Tower.

Have you heard about Shinsekai, or “The new world in Osaka”? It’s a mixture of the essence of New York and Paris. The amusement park in Shinsekai, Luna Park was modeled after Coney Island in New York. The symbol of Shinsekai, “Tsutenkaku”, was built in 1912, modeling the Eiffel Tower. It was the tallest tower in Asia at the time and the road around it is exactly the same as the one in Paris.


Don’t miss the Tsutenkaku Tower

The symbol of Shinsekai is the Tsutenkaku Tower!
You can check it out in our previous article (URL:
You can view the whole city of Osaka from the top!

There are many underground idols at Tustenkaku!

Osaka Oba-chan show

Do you know the group, Osaka’s Oba-chan? They are middle aged women dressed in gaudy leopard clothing and average 63 years of age. They sing on the stage at STUDIO210 once a month and their energetic spirit is invigorating!

The West Japan Hamburger girls

The West Japan Hamburger girls are a young girls’ idol group.

The retro street, “Jan Jan Yokocho”.

The Jan Jan Yokocho entrance

Jan Jan Yokocho is a shopping street that started in 1930. It’s name comes from the sound of the shamisen and shamisen players used to perform at many of the local bars. Kushikatsu (pork skewers) shops and bars are lined up along this street and they remind us of the good old days in Japan. Shamisen music can also be heard at the entrance of these shops.
You can check for popular Kushikatsu shops here:(ULR:

A sacred place for young couples!

Jan jan Yokocho

There are two large hearts at Jan Jan Yokocho, where you can wish for everlasting love.

“Biriken”, The god of Shinsekai, is a New Yorker!

Biriken is at the observation tower in Shinsekai

The artist Florenz Flipp from New York saw a god in his dream, and created a statue of Biriken from it. His feet extend outward from his body and he can’t scratch his feet, because he can’t cross his legs while sitting! It is said that, if you scratch his feett gently, he will be pleased and will bring you good fortune. It is also believed that he will bring you luck for major exams and romance. His face looks so calm.

There are 5 theaters along the street!

Naniwa Club

Osaka is said to be the most famous place for “Taishu engeki”, or a general theatre production. There are 5 theaters in Shinsekai and the Naniwa Club is an old theater that was established in 1931, when the second Tsutenkaku tower was built. You can watch theatrical productions for 1000 yen, lasting up to three hours long!

Asahi Club

This Taishu engeki theatre is also very popular. It first started as a movie theatre in 1910, but was eventually converted into a performance theatre. It accommodates around 200 guests, and you can even watch Kabuki here too.

There’s a spiritual area in the middle of Shinsekai !

Shinsekai Inari Shrine

Roulette style oracle
Roulette style oracle
Oracle board
Oracle board

Shinsekai Inari Shrine was built to bring good luck for the businesses on Shinsekai street. Oracles are usually picked from a box, but this one is designed much like a roulette wheel! You spin the stone wheel and see what number comes up. You then check number on the board behind it. It’s very different and kind of comical.

Shinsekai is so empowering and very fun! If you want to get a little crazy please visit, and afterwards take a walk around Osaka.
●Eating walking (URL:
●Cultural walking (URL:


1 -18-6 Ebisuhigashi, Naniwa-ku, Ōsaka-shi, Ōsaka

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