Seeing Mt. Fuji from another locale can be much more interesting than climbing up! Mt. Shakushi in Yamanashi Prefecture.

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Going to Mt. Shakushi from Tokyo!

I went to Mt. Shakushi, famous for its beautiful scenery of Mt. Fuji, because I was reminiscing about the beautiful scenery of Mt. Mitsutouge.
The panorama view from the top of Mt. Shakushi is majestic! There are several routes to get to it’s peak and I chose the route from Mt. Shishidome to Mt. Takazasu.

I departed Shinjuku station (Keio line) at 4:55 in the morning. I changed trains at Takao station and Otsuki station, and arrived at “Fujisan” station at 7:37. There were several beautiful view points along the way and I was getting excited!
Fujisan station

I took a bus from Fujisan station and got off at the “Yakuba-mae” stop in Oshino.
It took me about 50 minutes to get to the starting point.
The starting point

Let’s start climbing!

Walking the mountain pathway, you’ll begin to see the peak of Mt. Takazasu in the distance. The road was unexpectedly steep, so I walked carefully. I recommend that you bring sunscreen, because the sun is really strong.
 Mt. Takazasu

 Mt. Takazasu

When I looked back, there was a very beautiful view!It’s really awesome, isn’t it?
I can clearly see the ridge of the mountain.
View of Mt. Fuji

View of Mt. Fuji

I reached 1304-meters after climbing the steep mountain path.
Mt. Takazasu

A view from the mountain peak!
View of Mt. Fuji

Next, I headed to Mt. Shakushi!

The autumn foliage is so beautiful during October!
Autumn foliage at Mt. Shakushi

This is “Ozasu touge” peak, the autumn foliage is really awesome!
There is also a jump site for paragliding, but I came here to climb the mountain, so I couldn’t try it.
Autumn foliage at Mt. Shakushi

Ozasu touge

It feels Great!
Autumn foliage at Mt. Shakushi

I Finally arrived at the top of Mt. Shakushi!

I reached the top of Mt. Shakushi, at a height of 1,597-meters!
The view from here is superb!
A view of Mt. Fuji from Mt. Shakushi

A view of Mt. Fuji from Mt. Shakushi

I could clearly see the village of Fuji Yoshida. Looking to my back, I saw Lake Kawaguchi, Lake Yamanaka, and the Southern Alps!
A view of Mt. Fuji

A view of the Southern Alps

Yamanaka Lake

Next, I headed to Mt. Shishidome!

I could see its peak from here and the autumn foliage on the way to Mt. Shishidome was also very beautiful.
 Mt. Shishidome

I could now see the peak of Mt. Shakushi!
Mt. Shishidome

Mt. Shishidome is 1,632-meters high and there was beautiful autumn foliage covering the mountain.
Mt. Shishidome

After taking a break, I headed back from the point called “Nenokami”, which is a bit below the peak of Mt. Shishidome.

There were only a few people on Mt. Shakushi, so I could take in the scenery without a lot of distractions! Having lunch and coffee, with the scenery of Mt. Fuji is something special! I definitely recommend going there if you want to relax and see Mt. Fuji, however there are several steep slopes on the way, so it’s recommended for intermediate level climbers.

If you’re a beginner and will be going by yourself, please be careful and wear appropriate shoes. I was blessed with great weather, and enjoyed the autumn foliage a lot! I’m excited to see the next mountain!


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Address In between Fuji Yoshida, Tsuru, and Oshino
Access Take the Fuji Express Yamanashi bus from “Fujisan station”, and get off at the, “Yakuba-mae” stop.