Learn Japanese from Wasabi’s one-on-one lesson, from *$47 per month on Skype!

“Wasabi” is a new online Japanese language learning service that started in June of 2015. They match the needs of those who want to communicate with foreigners, with those who want to study and learn the Japanese language. Today, I’m going to introduce its amazing features!

Wasabi’s class

The number of Japanese language students has increased, contrary to the small amount of native Japanese teachers.

Japan has been preparing for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics in 2020. According to research done by JNTO, the number of foreign tourists in Japan, as of September 2015, has already reached 14.48 million, exceeding the last year’s 13.41 million. Along with the boost in the Japanese economy, the number of people who have become interested in Japanese culture itself has increased. According to research by the Japan Foundation, the number of Japanese language students is 31.3 times higher than in the last 33 years, about 4 million. The number of Japanese language students has increased, contrary to the small amount of native Japanese teachers. Wasabi, A Japanese online learning service, offers the opportunity to talk with native Japanese people at a really cheap price. There are other similar services where you can talk on Skype, but what’s good about Wasabi, is that you can study Japanese through their own, original curriculum. Sometimes, it’s really hard for learners to keep motivated when they don’t have proper instruction, but you can learn Japanese from their study material, and use the sentences that you’ve learned during the lesson right away. The study material is professionally arranged by Ms. Yokoyama, a visiting fellow at the Harvard-yenching Institute. You can have a look at their curriculum here: from their website.

Wasabi study material

The lesson costs only ¥5,800(About *) per month with original study material!

Wasabi has three different levels for each purpose of learning Japanese; Advanced (To work in Japan), Intermediate (To live in Japan), and Beginner (To travel in Japan). The lesson is comprised of three tiers, first by learning vocabulary through scene practice, then using it through sentence pattern practice by speaking out loud. Finally, you use it in discussion practice. The lesson costs ¥5,800 for a 50-minute lesson once a week, or ¥10,000 for twice a week. It’s really reasonable compared to other one-on-one lessons. In addition, you can do it anywhere you live as long as you have an internet connection, because it’s all done via Skype. For those who don’t have time to go to school, it’s an ideal option to learn Japanese with motivation from following their curriculum.

*¥5,800=About $47 as of 09.Nov, 2015

A Wasabi teacher (Sensei)

The tutors are all Japanese and will patiently teach you Japanese!

It often happens that students of Japanese language have quite a few opportunities to use Japanese in their real life. Obviously, there are fewer opportunities to speak in Japanese if you live outside of Japan. Even if you become friends with Japanese people, you might feel a bit awkward asking them questions all the time. However, tutors of Wasabi are mainly seniors who are looking for a new activity, or just want to communicate with foreigners. You would be less hesitant to ask lots of questions, because the lesson proceeds at your own pace. Wasabi also holds an online speech contest, where the winner gets free airline tickets to Japan. You can keep yourself motivated through these options and concentrate on studying!

Online lesson

Do not miss Wasabi’s daily blog with useful columns!

If you are really interested in Japanese or Japanese culture, you should also check Wasabi’s blog posts. They have already updated “14 Romantic Phrases: How to Propose to a Girl in Japanese” and “Japanese Lessons: Learn Native Japanese Expressions with Manga 1-2-1”. These posts point out some interesting relationships between language and culture. Tadaima Japan will introduce their blog post from now on, so try not to miss it!

By the way, the name of their service, Wasabi, and my pen name, Wasabi, have nothing to do with each other. Because our names are the same, we made a connection through it. If you think it’s funny, ‘LIKE’ our face book page and follow our news. Which one is which? Guess!

▶︎ Wasabi’s Facebook

▶︎ Wasabi’s Facebook

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▶︎ 『2012年度 日本語教育機関調査 結果概要 抜粋』【PDF:2.54MB】

▶︎ 【図解】訪日外国人数が年間新記録へ、2015年9月は5割増の161万人、累計1448万人に

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Price ¥5,800 (About $47 as of 09.Nov, 2015 ) ~ per month
Website https://www.wasabi-jpn.com/