Let’s eat food in the world of Akihabara!

TJ writer NATSUKI introduces the hidden parts of Tokyo from her point of view.
Akihabara is the town for electronics, anime, and games. There is also a restaurant where you can eat cuisine from all over the world ! You can even try some exotic dishes in Akihabara!

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Journey ×Journer
The sign board is the landmark!

Find the cool signboard!

The restaurant is called Akihabara Tabi-shoku Dining “journey×journey”. It opened in April of 2015. It’s a bit hidden, so you might find it hard to find, but there is a sign board in front of the resuaurant. You can easily find it, beause it’s very stylish and cool!

It’s full of items for traveling!

 journey journey
A wide and calm interior

There’s a big white table inside the shop and the atmosphere looks very calm and relaxing. There are pictures hung on the walls of the owner when he was a backpacker travelling around the world. Customers enjoy looking these interesting pictures.

Pictures of traveling
Anyone can put their pictures on the wall

There are guidebooks and items that remind you of traveling. There is an interesting album called, “26 Letters”, which is a collection of 26 photos from customers who traveled around the world. That made me want to travel again.

You can eat food from all over the world!

Lunch menu
The thai dish,“Khao Man Kai “(chicken and Rice)

The food they offer, as the owner puts it,“Tabishoku”, is all the food he ate during his travels. He prepares them in his own style and offers them on his original menu.
The lunch menu was Khao Man Kai and ‘the plate of the day’. I had the popular Khao Man Kai. It’s an East Asian dish with chicken and rice. It’s been a common dish in Japan these days, because many famous Thai restaurants have opened in Japan. If you want it spicier, please add some green peppers.
It’s a large portion and I was able to eat all of it! The lunch menu offers coffee, so you can relax after eating and look at the pictures. Lunch is available until 2:00pm.

The owner, Yamamoto Journey
The owner, Yamamoto Journey. His simile is cute

At night, it becomes a bar with more than 30 kinds of beers and wines from India and Thailand. They also have original cocktails. The food is as good as it is during lunch. You’ll feel like you’re traveling around the world while eating, drinking, and laughing.

Why not travel around the world, feeling like a backpacker at this café?

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Address 1-13-9BLIDO Akihabara 1F, Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Hours Mon~Sat Dinner 18:00〜24:00 Mon~Fri Lunch 11:45〜14:00 
Close Sunday
Access 8 min walk from Akihabara station.
Phone 050-5786-4931
Website http://r.gnavi.co.jp/gj3gvrve0000/