Mystical “Kagami-ike” will astonish you!

This is an area where you can view the beautiful scenery of Mt. Togakushi.
Togakushi shrine and great cafes are also located here. You’ll also need to be careful when taking photos, because of periodic strong winds.


The beauty of Mt. Togakushi created by nature.

The name, Kagami-ike, or “Mirror Lake” explains everything. The lake shows a Beautiful reflection of Mt. Togakushi and the blue sky. Because of it’s remote location, you might feel that you’re in another world. Why is this scenery so beautiful? There are several reasons. One factor is that the water is a bit muddy. If the water is too clear it doesn’t reflect light, but rather absorbs it. The artificial pond surrounding Kinkaku-ji Temple in Kyoto is purposely muddy, so that it shows a beautiful reflection of the temple.
The 2,000 year-old Togakushi Shrine is located near the lake. I’ll write about it soon in another article, so please check back. The avenue of Japanese cedars is also very mystical and amazing.

Japanese cedars
You can see how big they are in comparison with the person in the middle.

Stunning scenery comes with a little bit of luck.

After touring around the area, why not have a cup of coffee at “Donguri house”? You can either have some coffee on the terrace, or eat inside, and I recommend their galette. You can get a great view from just about anywhere in the shop. When you visit the lake, there are a few things to keep in mind. The surface of the lake is frozen during the winter. It snows heavily between December to February, so you might want to avoid these times. The beautiful fall colors begin in October and during this time the traffic gets busy, so you should take a shuttle bus. The biggest enemy could be the wind. When the strong winds blow, they create ripples on the surface of the water and you can’t get those nice reflections in your photos.
The weather in the area can be uncertain, so you’ll need a little bit of luck when you visit. I definitely recommend visiting the area.

Have you ever seen such scenery?


Togakushi, Nagano city, Nagano Prefecture 〒381-4101

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Kenichiro Asai

Kenichiro Asai


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Address Togakushi, Nagano city, Nagano Prefecture 〒381-4101
Hours 9:00~17:00 ※Donguri house
Close Every 3rd Wednesday(It depend on the season)※Donguri house
Access By car:30 min from Sinanomachi IC(There will be traffic control during October) Train:60 min by bus from JR Hokuriku shinkansen Nagano station. 30 min walk from there.