A great place to visit for those who want to meet that “special someone”. Kamigamo Shrine is where people have been praying 1000 years for this!

Kamigamo Shrine is also called Kamowakei-kazuchi Shrine. It enshrines the god, Kamowakei-kazuchi. Wakeikazuchi means 'young thunder' and signifies the god of thunder, who is full of youthful energy. It’s worshipped as the guardian god for thunder and the electric industry.

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A horse you can see on a sunny Sunday and National Holidays!

After passing through its tori gate and walking towards the Nino-torii gate, you’ll find a white horse. This horse is believed to be the horse that god rides on when he/she come down to the world. You can see this horse on a sunny Sunday or on national holidays, when they have festivals. Kamigamo Shrine is recognized as the origin of horse racing, because they pray for the arrival of Kamowakei-kazuchi(god). Horse racing is held on the 5th of May every year, with 2 horses competing. This started in 1093 and was designated as an intangible cultural asset in 1983.


The large, triangular shaped mounds of sand

After passing the nino-torii gate, you’ll find the triangular shaped mounds of sand. These are called Tatezuna, the holy mountains where Kamowakei-kazuchi lands when he/she descends. Tatezuna is a figure that god dwells and there’s is a pine leaf on the top, so that god can easily find it. Take a closer look, it’s a bit hard to find in the photo.


Ask for a future with love at Kataoka-yashiro!

Among all of the 24 small shrines on the grounds, Kataoka-yashiro is known as the shrine for match making. The enshrined deva is Tamayorihime. She is loved by people, because she listens to women’s love stories. The writer, Murasakishikibu from the Heian era (794 to 1185), also visited several times.


A love story from 1,000 years ago, continues today!

The ema of Kataoka Yashiro is shaped like a heart. It has a picture of Murasakishikibu, the author of “The Tale of the Genji”. It’s a story of a good-looking noble man with several different women. There are a variety of women with ages ranging from young women to 60-year-old women. There are about 500 people and 800 songs in the story from the last 70 years.
As it’s still read by many people today, I could see that love affairs today are not so different from many years ago.


339 Kamigamo Motoyama, Kita Ward, Kyoto Prefecture

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