You have to pass through a 40 centimeter gap to get to the mysterious, Karakama Shrine in Izumo!

Speaking of Shimane, Izumo Taisha is the most famous, but there is also a hidden shrine called Karakama Shrine, also known as “Kankamasan” among the local people.
The word, ‘Karakama’ represents a kettle from Korea and is thought to have a strong connection to the Iron Age.

Karakama Shrine

The approach to Karakama Shrine

A Mysterious energy around the approach.

The approach is near Gakuenji, famous for its autumn foliage. We found a parking area after passing the main sign and walked the cedar tree road for about 10 minutes to the Torii gate.
It was very quiet and we could only hear the chirping of the birds. As I walked, my spirit felt very refreshed.

The Torii gate at Karakama Shrine

A steep stone staircase after Torii gate.

After passing under the tori, you’ll have to go up a steep stone staircase. The road is not paved well and the stones on the staircase are mossy, so be careful not to slip. I recommend wearing good shoes and long pants.

The approach to Karakama Shrine

After walking 15 minutes, you’ll arrive in front of the Honden.

The approach to Karakama Shrine

The last, most difficult part!

Take a look at this 40 centimeter gap, you’ll need to walk sideways though this to get to the shrine! It is believed that you will be blessed with children if you can get through, because it represents the passage for birth.

Karakama Shrine

Karakama Shrine

I finally arrived at the Honden (Main Shrine)!

The Honden’s wooden architecture nestled in the rock produces a mysterious atmosphere. If you take a deep breath and pray at the shrine, you’ll feel enlightened. You can buy amulets at the Honden, and they also accept monetary donations in their donation box.


There’s also a nice water fall on the way back, so please experience the greatness of nature! There are many areas where you can feel mystical energy in Izumo, so why not visit if you have some time?

A recommended route for touring Izumo Vol.1 Make a good match by visiting a place thought to be, flowing with mystical energy.

A recommended route for touring Izumo Vol.2 A route to seek the mystical energy that dwells in big trees.


408 Ugono, Karakawacho, Izumo, Shimane Prefecture

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Address 408 Ugono, Karakawacho, Izumo, Shimane Prefecture
Close ※It’s recommended to visit during the day.
Access 25 min by car from the Izumo Hirata Station
Phone 0853-66-0001