winter solstice

Sunrise during winter

Winter solstice is a day when sun the is reborn.

The 22nd of December is the winter solstice.

It is the shortest day of the year in Japan, and after this the days become longer, so the sun is said to be reborn on this day. It means that you’ll have good fortune from this day on.


Eat the pumpkin and drive off the cold!

We have a custom of eating pumpkins on the winter solstice. Pumpkins are said to have good fortune for finance. They are very rich in nutrition, so it drives off any winter illnesses. Since you are less likely to nourish yourself with carotene and vitamins during the winter, pumpkins are really good for your health.


The Yuzu bath makes you warm and happy!

We have another custom of taking a bath with yuzu, the Japanese orange.

We use the peeled skin and bathe in it. Yuzu is often used in Japanese cuisine and it smells very nice. In the past we didn’t have this type of customary bath, so by adding the yuzu skin, it was thought to drive off evil, much like an exorcism. Yuzu has a warming effect on your body, so it’s actually very practical during the winter. You can buy some Yuzu ‘bath bombs’ in Japan, and they make great souvenirs.

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