Visit Kushida Shrine for longevity, success in business, and romance during New Years!

Hello everyone, it’s Nagabuchi from “Burabura Fukuoka”!
“Hatumode” is the first visit to a Shinto shrine during the New Year. The Hakata Gion-yamakasa is enshrined in Kushida shrine and is a famous summer festival. Today, I’m going to introduce to you the guardian god of Fukuoka, known as “Okushida-san” among the locals.

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It’s full of unique things!

A large Gingko tree

●A large Gingko tree

Hakata is the city of businessmen. Shopping streets and malls re-open January 1st. Kushida shrine is a place to wish for success in business for the people of Hakata. The landmark of the shrine is a large gingko tree, about 33-meters high and 1,000 years old.
There is a lot to see.
I’ll show you some places.
Kushida shrine


When you look at the ceiling of the Romon gate, you’ll see the pelorus from the Chinese astrological calendar. The needle points to the direction of the year.
On December 31st, the needle is turned to the lucky direction.

●Funny Wind God and Thunder God decor

Funny Wind God and Thunder God decor

Funny Wind God and Thunder God decor
When you look up at the ceiling of the main hall, you’ll see unique sculptures of the wind god and thunder god. The thunder god is saying “Let’s burn down the town of Hakata”, and in response, the wind god says “No!”, by sticking out his tongue.

●The holy crane pond

It is said that if you drink the water from this pond, you’ll gain longevity from the magical crane that lives for 1,000 years.

●The wall of Hakata

The wall of Hakata
The town of Hakata was destroyed by war about 400 years ago, and a wall was built to revitalize the town. As a token of war, the debris from the war was used in the construction of this wall. It recycled the debris and provided resistance to fire.

●Shimekake-inari Shrine

Shimekake-inari Shrine
It is located right behind Kushida Shrine.
The tori gate is the landmark of this shrine. It is also a place to wish for success in business.




The stones that Sumo champions used to lift are enshrined here.
I tried to lift one up with 3 people, but we couldn’t do it.
The stone weighs about 120kg.

●Ebisu shrine and a gingko tree

Ebisu shrine

a gingko tree
If you want to wish for a good relationship with your wife/husband, or for romance, please pray here!
If you pray to the gingko tree, located right in front of the shrine, it’s said to double your fortune.


The 770 year old Hakata Gion-yamakasa enshrines Yamakasa for a year and is displayed to the public.

There are many more interesting things to see, so please take your time and look around carefully. When you leave the shrine, please leave from the Nanjin-mon gate, because the Kawabata shotengai shopping area is located here. It’s fun to take a walk and drop by the Hakata-machiya Museum and the Hakata traditional craft and design museum.

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