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Traditional seasoning produced in Handa city

Handa is a city located on the Chita-peninsula, Aichi prefecture, 40 minutes from Nagoya by train. Along the canal-side of the city, you will experience a strong sour smell. This smell comes from the crucial seasoning used in the world famous Japanese food, sushi. Can you guess what it is?

The answer is vinegar!
The city was developed and has flourished through it shipping industry since ancient times.Its local production has benefitted from delivery routes and have transported products to Edo city (old-time Tokyo, capital of Japan). One such product is vinegar. For ages, Japan’s largest vinegar manufacturer has been located in Handa city, since it’s inception.

The Museum of Vinegar
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The Museum of Vinegar
The old museum, “Su-no-Sato”
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The Museum of Vinegar (Su-no-Sato)

In the early Edo period, Sushi was a pricy food because vinegar made for the rice was expensive. A local figure, Matazaemon Nakano invented and started selling vinegar produced from the sediment of Japanese Sake (sake-kasu). The price of the vinegar was relatively cheap and Sushi had become a popular food among ordinary Japanese people.

The Museum of Vinegar exhibited the history of vinegar through its mementos, photos, and videos for almost 30 years. However, it closed as being a visitor museum.

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November 8th, 2015. The new MIM museum of vinegar was unveiled to public.

The delivery ship, Benzai-sen
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One highlight of the exhibition is a 20-meter long wooden ship modelled from Edo period delivery ships. The museum is proud of this object because they carefully examined the construction techniques from that period and ship-building craftsmen following these traditional techniques. Visitors are able to go onto its deck and experience a virtual voyage from Handa to Edo.

making Sushi
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You can also enjoy making Sushi (imitation and inedible), wearing a sushi chef costume.This is literally, an experience-based museum!
According to the museum website, it’s full of many interesting exhibitions for you to enjoy!
*Advance reservations are required via phone. You can make a reservation 60 days before your visit.
*The museum’s guided tour is only available in Japanese

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Address 2-6 Nakamura-cho, Handa city, Aichi prefecture 475-8585 Japan
Hours Reservation required via phone
Close Thursdays, Summer Holidays (Obon), Year-end and New Years Holidays
Access By Meitetsu train (Kouwa Line): a 13 min walk from Chita-Handa By JR train (Taketoyo Line): a 3 min walk from Handa
Phone 0569-24-5111
Website http://www.mizkan.co.jp/mim/ (Japanese text only)