Stunning Panorama and a Station in the Middle of Water, Oku-ooi – Shizuoka’s Hidden Beauties Part 5

Okuooi Kojou, the station that floats on a lake. It’s definitely a sight to see! You can get there by walking over the rain bridge and there are many amazing spots along the way!

Okuooi Kojou Station

Let’s ride the Aputo style train!

After a good rest at the Suikouen inn, we got on the bus going to Okuizumi Station.
A red train welcomed us: The Southern Alps Aputo Line can climb the steepest hills in Japan, and also has a cute exterior! This train can also be taken from Senzu station.

The Southern Alps Aputo Line

We enjoyed the wind in our face while going up the mountain and the conductor explained the views during our journey.
The nature seen from the train is really beautiful.

The Southern Alps Aputo Line

The Southern Alps Aputo Line
The red bridge reflected on the emerald green water.
Nagashima Dam
You can get off the train and go see the Nagashima Dam.
Sesso Lake
There were people who enjoy canoeing on the lake.

Sesso LakeIt’s like Patagonia in Japan! There are people who enjoy canoeing on the lake.

Okuooikojou Station

A strange station in the middle of nowhere

We stopped in the middle of a bridge and I enjoyed the view from the train. There was a train station in the middle of the red, 70-meter high bridge!

Okuooi Kojou station is an unmanned station positioned on the bridge.
You can see a nice emerald green scene surrounded by mountains from the station.Okuooikojou Station

Lake cottage Okuooi
There is a Lake cottage after the station.
Lake cottage Okuooi
The view from the second floor

Let’s walk along the rainbow bridge!

After the train passed, the station became quiet. You can wait till the next one comes, but the area is great for a short hike.

I felt like I was in the movie, “Stand by me”, with Ben. E King’s music playing in my head. You can’t walk directly on the bridge, but alongside it.
You might feel a bit terrified if you look down from the bridge, but it is paved with wood, so it’s ok.

Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow bridge

Rainbow bridge

The best view point from the opposite side!

After passing the steep mountain path and looking back, there is a long railway stretching across the lake. I felt that I had traveled very far and almost forgot that I was in Japan. I found a road and entered the tunnel.

Okuōikojō Station

Okuōikojō Station

The scenery of the vivid green lake and red rainbow bridge surrounded by the green foliage is absolutely beautiful!
It was so beautiful I didn’t want to leave.
You can see the station in the middle of the bridge and it’s literally isolated.

◆The best view point◆

Going home from the Sessokyō-Onsen Station.

To take the train back, head to Sessokyo-Onsen Station. On the way back, you can follow the short hike trail called Yabashi Romance Road. It’s a very path during which you’ll cross 8 different bridges various in styles.

The longest bridge on the Yabashi Romance Promenade
Even when the weather is cloudy, the lake is beautiful
This bridge looks very impressive, but it’s actually made of very short stairs and is easy to cross.

The next train was coming and I headed to the Sessokyō-Onsen Station.
I greeted the local people and travellers, and passed through a tea farm. I finally reached the small station, but I didn’t want to leave.

Sessokyō-Onsen Station

Sessokyō-Onsen Station

More about this area

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