Sexy and grand! A report on a pole dance competition.

I (NATSUKI) will be introducing ever changing Tokyo!
I am reporting on the pole dance competition that was held on November 29th, 2015 at the Azabu Jyuuban club, “ELE TOKYO”.
Nights in Tokyo show exciting times. You will be captivated by the sexy dancers!

The venue

Pole dancing is popular in Japan as entertainment and as a sport!
I have participated in the past and remember the days when I used to excite the audience.
I will introduce pole dancing as a sport.


Many men and children participate in the sport, because it involves many tricks. Even though it’s a relatively new sport, there are about a million people in the world, with about 10 thousand people from Japan, who practice this sport. There are more than 50 events held around the world.


Your opponent will be chosen based on a ballot system

The skilled pole dancers are judged by their performances from their videos and are matched up accordingly.
There are many dancers who perform in clubs around Tokyo. Many of them know each other. Even though they are all mutual friends, during the competition, this is not the case.
The competition starts!


A serious fight for 1 minute!

The rules are as follows:
・Tournament of 1v1
・2 turns of 1 minutes ※In the final, 2 turns of 1 and a half minutes
They will be judged by their skill and art.
The song that is played is not known by the performer, so they must ad lib on the spot!
If I was in their place, my heart would explode.


The performers excite the crowd with their sexy costumes and amazing performances! All of the skills they use are sexy and cool.
Being a dancer, I think to myself, “Oh that move is gonna hurt later”


I interviewed the dancer, MAI!

MAI, who participated in the competition, is a member of the TOKYOPARTY TIME team GO-GO DANCERS! She is an amazing dancer that has a masculine physique and can dish out some crazy moves.
Please enjoy the following interview that I had with her.

・What got you into pole dancing?
I got into it when I went to Australia, where it was popular. I also wondered what it is like to perform on a vertical pole.

・Were there any points that you emphasized since you entered in the sexy category?
Because it’s not a category where you will win if you have more skills, I focused on the floor moves and the heel skills. I am always thinking of what to do in order to excite the audience.

・What is the difference between you and the dancers that won?
Any dancer had a chance to win. There were so many good performers. The dancer that won was not only skilled, but was also good at reading the crowd. When I talked to her, I found that she was a beautiful person through and through.

・What are your aspirations for the future?
I would like to teach pole dancing in my hometown of Tohoku. I want to succeed in my ventures so that I can have some credentials to present.
I will do my best to enter the rankings next year. I think I will be able to, because I was a finalist this year!

・Do you have anything to say to those who want to start pole dancing?
Well, they just have to try it out! It is an amazing dance where you can discover yourself through a metal pole!


Even though MAI did not make it to the finals, her eyes were shining with the determination to continue her career in pole dancing!

The venue for the event, ELE TOKYO, is a club. Please check out HPfor the schedule and such.
Please also check out the go-go dancing team that I am a member of, TOKYOPARTY TIME HPandFecebook
Please visit us at future events!

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