An Old Fashioned Inn in the Middle of Shizuoka Nature – Shizuoka’s Hidden Beauties Part 4

Let’s stay at “Suikoen” after exploring the Sumatakyo Onsen area. Enjoy the classic style (Taisho era) architecture, the beautiful taste of its cuisine, and an impressive open air bath.

Hi, it’s Sawaco! It’s been a long time since I wrote my last article. I would like to say sorry to the readers who have been looking forward to an article from me. I’m back!

In my previous article, I’ve introduced a very authentic onsen that is great for a one-day trip in Shizuoka’s nature. This time I will show you a Japanese inn in the same Sumatakyo onsen area, where you can stay, eat delicious food and bathe in hot sources.

The inn is called ‘Suikoen’. If you can go there in autumn, it will be a great place to go and see beautiful foliage.



An inn with architecture and atmosphere from the Taisho era (1911-1926).

photo by Suikoen

Going past the water wheel and through the aesthetic entrance, you’ll slip back to the Taisho era in the massive and retro lobby. Its tranquility fits in with the town’s authentic old charm.

photo by Suikoen
photo by Suikoen

When we got inside our room, we could smell the sweet aroma of an incense burner. We noticed that they were using tea leaves instead of the usual incense. The tea leaves are a specialty of the Kawana region, where the Sumatakyo Onsen is located.
※This tea incense service is only available for those who reserve a room via the website.

Delicious food from the inn’s restaurant

We visited the Inn’s restaurant “Haikara-Tei” dressed in Yukata, a traditional Japanese night gown. (We were very hungry and looked forward to dinner after walking all day.

Every dish at the restaurant included fresh, local ingredients such as fresh river fish and wild vegetables grown in the surrounding mountains.
My favorite is the “Green Hot Pot” (the dish in the upper left of the image below).
We usually cook hot pot soup with seaweed or fish powder, but this was made with green tea. The harmony between the green tea soup and locally grown ingredients is delicious.
※The dishes vary, depending on the season.


The beautiful open air bath

At the end of the day, we went and soaked in the Onsen again.
Suikoen has its own Onsen, and in its open air bath, the night breeze is so comfortable and refreshing, that you may want to stay longer. Cold green tea is prepared and ready for you to cool down your body after taking a bath.



We finally came back to our room and lied down on our Futons (Japanese style bedding) and had a great sleep’s night.

There is more to enjoy!

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