Don’t miss the chance to visit Tsukiji market, because it will be closed in November 2016.

I (NATSUKI) will be introducing ever changing Tokyo!
Today I’m going to show you Tsukiji market, and it’s many kinds of seafood and agricultural products on display for auction everyday. These products are not only available to retailers, but also for visitors. This Tokyo landmark will be closed in November next year, so I’ll tell you about the things you should see.

2018-09-10   Visit: Modern Japan, Tokyo,

A tuna filleting event

The market is packed with retailers in the morning.

Tsukiji market
They are so energetic!

The market is separated into different markets inside and out. Everyone can go inside, but the market is full of retailers and turret trucks racing around in the morning, so you should not walk or stop in the middle of the lanes. Having good manners is appreciated here.

Turret truck
Turret truck

You’ll see turret trucks everywhere in the market and those of you who have been to simillar markets, might have seen them before. You can get hit if your not careful when crossing the streets and inside lanes.

Turret truck
Riding on the turret truck

I know a person who works in the market, so I was luck enough to take a ride on a turret truck guided by my friend!
Unfortunately, they don’t officially offer this service, so please enjoy walking around the market.

Inside the market
The turret trucks passing by.

You can’t see this anywhere else!

You can see tuna fillet events and lively seafood events.

マTuna filleting event
Don’t miss this spectacular scenery!

These filleted tuna are available for purchace by weight, so please ask the staff if you want to buy some.

Oma’s tuna

Get some ingredients for Japanese hotchpotch (Oden) at “Tsukugon”!

My mother works here!

I’ll tell you about one shop I recommend at the market. Tsukugon is famous for selling Oden ingredients and is located in the middle of the market. Oden is a Japanese style hotchpotch and is typically eaten during winter. Please see the link for more details about it.
The market is known for selling fresh seafood, but they also have processed food like this. The shop has many types of ingredients for Oden, with a variety of Satsuma-age. You might not be familiar with it, but Satsuma-age are products made of fish. They are deep fried and look like dumplings. I love this food and I always eat too much! This shop is where my mother works. This was the first time for me to see her working here and I felt a bit shy. I wouldn’t say that to my mom (I’m too shy!), but I support her with all of my heart.
My mom can help you by using her new English speaking skills, so why not drop by if you are coming to Tsukiji? Their products are great for souvenirs.

The reason for this long line

Long line
Many tourists wait in line early in the morning!

There are canteens for workers in the market, also open to tourists. It’s so nice to eat food here, because they use fresh ingredients straight from the market! One benefit to dining in and around the market is that, all the food is much cheaper than other restaurants.
Sushi shops, seafood bowl shops, eel shops, soba and Pork cutlet shops, along with many more are located here. It’s fun to look around and decide what to eat. The more popular shops will usually have long waiting lines.

A canteen
The famous eel shop, Yonehana.
Multilingual menus
Multilingual menus

Here are some strange souvenirs!

Kanji Beanies
Souvenirs shops that sell typical Japanese stuff.

You can also buy strange souvenirs like this in the market. It’s also fun to look around and choose some very strange souvenirs. Sadly, this market will be closed in November next year, ending its 400 years of history, but will re-open in a new location.

I recommend visiting between 9am and 11am if you want to eat at a restaurant and do some shopping. The market is very large, so you should wear comfortable shoes. Again, having good manners is important here and please enjoy your tour!


5-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku,Tokyo

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Address 5-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku,Tokyo
Hours 5:00 AM ~ Afternoon
Close Sunday,National holidays and every other Wednesday(Twice in a month)
Access 1 min walk from Tsukiji station (Hibiya Line) 1 min walk from Tsukiji station (Toei Oedo Line) 3 min walk from Higashi-Ginza station (Hibiya&Toei Oedo Line)
Phone 03−3547−7074