Yaegaki Shrine near Matsue City: A sacred place for to Pray for Love

Yaegaki Shrine is known as a sacred place to bring you good luck for romance and childbearing, and even attracts tourists for these reasons.

Yaegaki Shrine

Why do people pray for love at Yaegaki Shrine?

Yaegaki Shrine

In Japanese legends there’s a story of a large 8-headed snake, Yamata-no-Orochi, a goddess, Kushinada-hime, and a god, Susano-no-Mikoto. In the story the snake captures the goddess, but is saved by Susano-no-Mikoto. After saving her, they get married and reside at a shrine.

Susano-no-Mikoto and Kushinada-hime are both enshrined at Yaegaki Shrine, and for this reason, the place has been long been known as bringing you good luck for romance.

The corrects manners for praying

Yaegaki Shrine

You’ll need to first put some coins in the donation box called Osaisen-bako, and swing the rope, ringing the bell. Then, deeply bow twice in front of the hall and clap your hands twice. You make your wish while joining your hands and finishing by bowing one more time. This is how you greet the gods. It is said that if you use a 5-yen coin (the coin with a hole in the middle), you can increase your luck.

Wishing for love at the “mirror pond”

Mirror pond

The mirror pond is located at the back of the shrine. You float either a 10-yen, or 100- yen coin on a piece of paper, on the water. Make a wish in your head and wait until the paper sinks. If it sinks within 15 minutes, romance will come to you quicker, but if it takes more than 30 minutes, your luck will come much later. If the paper sinks close to you, you’ll meet someone who might live near you, but if it sinks far from you, you’ll meet someone living far from you. Everyone was nervously waiting for their results!

Praying for love

The paper used can be purchased for 100 yen at the office where amulets are sold. What’s interesting about this paper, is that a message will appear when it’s soaked in the water. It’s like an oracle and predicts your luck.

Wild newts live around the shrine, and it is said that if they appear and touch the paper or cross the paper, you’ll be blessed with even more luck. Newts used to be a symbol of a love potion!


227 Sakusachō, Matsue-shi, Shimane Prefecture

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Address 227 Sakusachō, Matsue-shi, Shimane Prefecture
Hours 9:00 to 17:00
Access JR Matsue station→ Take a bus, and get off at Yaegaki-jinja.
Phone 0852-21-1148