This guest house has 88 years of history.

Quality time at Kamejikan in Kamakura!

Today, I’d like to introduce to you a guesthouse in Kamakura, a seaside town that can be accessed from Tokyo in about an hour. This town is known for its temples and other tourist attractions. Kamejikan is a guesthouse located in an area of Kamakura called Zaimokuza, and is especially relaxing with an old taste of Japan.

It’s a residential area where you can feel free to relax.

The sea is only a 2 min walk and you can even see Mt. Fuji on a sunny day!

Kamejikan is a place where you can find the true spirit of human nature.

Where do you think this guesthouse got its name?
It is actually named after a character in a famous fairly tale by Michael Ende. Kamejikan, (turtle’s time) was named after Cassiopeia, the turtle that appears in the story, “Momo”.

The owner of the guesthouse, Mr. Sakurai, has had a lot of experience travelling around the world. He said that he realized one thing from his travels, “humans should live a lifestyle that involves more communication.”

He started the guesthouse with his friends and named it Kamejikan, in hopes for people to get away from their hectic daily lives and relax.

The signboard was drawn by one of his friends, who is an artist.
There are so many cute things in the house.

Creating a place where anyone can meet.

Through travelling, he saw diversity and possibilities that exist in this world, and thought that he wanted to start something that could make good use of his experiences. This is the reason why he started the guesthouse, so that he can meet people from all over the world and create a new place where anyone can meet and interact.

In fact, half of the guests come from Europe and Asia.
It’s really a place where you can meet people from all over the world.

They hold events on weekends such as a pop up café and bar that serves healthy food and drinks. Mr. Sakurai says that guests can interact with local people and build trusting relationships with them.

Having a good time
The open space has a warm atmosphere in a wooden interior.Guests can relax, reading or chatting as they like.
Kamejikan turns into a bar at night with a variety of different spirits.

An 88-year-old house converted into a guesthouse with the help of other people.

The reason why they use this house, is because it sustains old nostalgia that has been preserved for years. This house was built after the Great Kanto Earthquake and was built with the highest quality of wood at the time, which took 18 months to construct. The carpenter they hired specialized in shrine and temples, so he made a Kamidana (household Shinto alter) for the house in thanks for the business given to him. This house has such a heartwarming story.

Kamidana is unique to foreign tourists.

Kamejikan proposed a contract with the former owner to take over the establishment in 8 months’ time, and because they both have a passion and love for the house, the owner agreed.

After that, the building became a guesthouse in 3 months!
The original structure of the house was left as is.

Mr. Sakurai said he experienced an amazing moment, when the house was revived with the help of others.

The kitchen, bar, and dining area, where you can eat a healthy breakfast for 500 yen.
The bar space. Feel free to drink coffee and tea here.
The bathroom is so clean. You can feel the nostalgia of the old house.
The veranda leading to the each room. It shines so bright during the daytime.
The balcony where bitter melons are grown.

I thought the reason why people gather here to meet Mr. Sakurai, is because he is such a nice person with an entertaining character. In addition to that, the staff is very nice and guests are very pleased with this.
You can interact with anyone here regardless your age, race, and occupation.

Why not drop by Kamejikan to forget your busy day walking around Kamakura?

【writer Takayuki Minakuchi from COMINCA TIMES】
This article is from COMINCA TIMES, a website that introduces initiatives that utilize old houses in Japan.



3-17-21 Zaimokuza, Kamakura city, Kanagawa Prefecture

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This article uses an article site [COMINCA TIMES] to introduce initiatives that utilize the old houses of Japan.


Address 3-17-21 Zaimokuza, Kamakura city, Kanagawa Prefecture
Access 10 min by bus from Kamakura station / 20 min by foot 15 min walk from Enoden Wadazuka/Yuigahama station
Phone 0467-25-1166
Website http://kamejikan.com/?page_id=10039