The Castle Road in the Sky

Stunning scenery that can be seen during the day and into the evening

The Castle Road in the Sky

In the morning you can view the sunrise in the sea clouds, if you’re lucky. You can also see the sky, full of stars at night after the sun sets.
To see the sea clouds, it needs to the perfect combination of climate conditions, along with a great difference in temperature from the daytime into the evening. If your unable to witness the sea clouds, you can always get a great view of the city and mountains from this area.

The golden Castle road in the Sky

The Castle Road in the Sky

The area becomes golden around sunrise.
You might be able to see such beautiful scenery from Mt. Aso, if you’re lucky.

This area used to be a small road for transporting grass from farms, and became famous thanks to the reviews by people who have visited. Why not wake up a little earlier and go for a drive to Mt. Aso during the day, and see the stars at night? This area provides an efficient use of time for sightseers.

Let me explain how to get there, because it’s a bit tricky.
To begin with, you need to go to the Milk road from the Kikuchi Aso Sky Line.

There will be a small Jizo statue in the Akasui direction.
It’s the landmark towards the road.

It’ll get very cold at night, so dress warm!


Kario, Asio city, Kumamoto Prefecture

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Address Kario, Asio city, Kumamoto Prefecture
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