The most popular castle in Japan! Kumamoto City is proud of its 400-year-old fortress!

Kumamoto Castle is one of the three best castles in Japan following Nagoya Castle and Osaka Castle ( Both of it’s exterior and views from the top are superb. It is ranked No.1 as the most satisfying castle in Japan, and has become very popular these days. The castle was built over a period of 7 years by Kiyomasa Kato in 1601.

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Kumamoto Castle

Kumamoto Castle # It’s easily accessible. The castle is located within a 5-minute walk from the Kumamoto Castle/City council tram stop. You’ll be amazed by the majestic, black castle with the blue sky in it’s background. During spring and summer, it’s illuminated at night, so you can enjoy different scenes. Tenshukaku History # You can view the city of Kumamoto from the top. The top floor is an observation tower, and you’ll need to walk some steep stair cases to get there, where and you can view the entire city of Kumamoto. On a sunny day, you can even see Mt. Aso in the distance. Tenshukaku is a part of The Kumamoto Museum, and historical records of the 1877 Seinan War are on exhibit here. You can learn about the war, and how Kumamoto Castle endured it.

Honmaru Goden


A large hall
A large hall

The beautiful, Honmaru Goden The Goden hall was destroyed during the war, but was rebuilt in 2008. This hall was used as a meeting place for the domain leaders at the time. From it’s beauty, you can tell that they lived a very luxurious life at the time. The most noble room, Shokun-no-ma is a must see! Underground # The underground corridor is a must see! Honmaru Goden stands between two stone walls, and its architecture is very unique. This corridor is called “Kuragari”, because of the lack of sunlight during the day. This type of corridor is unique to Kumamoto castle. # Similarities to Tenshukaku. You can see turrets around the castle, and Kumamoto castle has 49 of them! The largest one is called the Udo turret and is very similar to the one at Tenshukaku,because it’s an original that survived the Seinan War. Stone walls # Stone walls that stopped the enemy The stone walls of Kumamoto Castle are very special. This structure is called “Musha-gaeshi”, and is very difficult to climb. The main reason the castle survived the war was due to these steep, stone walls.

Kumamoto Castle Omotenashi Samurai
Kumamoto Castle Omotenashi Samurai

It’s fun to learn about the castle and its history. Please visit if you are coming to Kumamoto. You can also tour around Kumamoto Castle on a 400 yen, daily bus pass.


1−1 Honmaru, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto city, Kumamoto Prefecture

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Address 1−1 Honmaru, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto city, Kumamoto Prefecture
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