Tsukudaya, an old Japanese guest house on Oki Island, Shimane Prefecture.

Hi there. Today, I’d like to introduce the old Japanese guest house
"Tsukudaya", surrounded by the Sea of Japan. From their website, you can see breathtakingly beautiful pictures of Oki Island.


Oki Island in the sea of Japan No.1
Oki Island in the sea of Japan No.2

A 120-year-old house converted into a guesthouse

Tsukudaya used to be the home of a village leader. It was reformed into a guesthouse and was difficult to open to public, because it was known for being a very noble structure. You can tell this from the large beams inside the house, and everything is kept as is, except the kitchen.

The Exterior
It looks so spacious from the entrance!

Their goal is to provide an experience, similar to how local people live and enjoy life on the island. They are creating a new, local-based experience for the guesthouse that we, COMINCA TIMES, can relate with.

The owner, Ms. Miyamoto moved to this rural area from the city.

Ms. Miyamoto was attracted to this area just by chance, and decided to move here.
It was a difficult decision, because she’s from the city, but felt connected with the locals. Everything looked so new and surprising to her coming from the city, and this actually helped her in her decision to move.

Ms. Miyamoto

Their website has many pictures of local people and the area.

A picture with visitors.
Dinner party with local people
Sleeping in a hammock.
The best way to drink beer is on the beach!

Activities that you can experience.

Staying at the guesthouse, cutting fish, cooking seaweed soup, and watching catching fish are many of the activities to enjoy. These things are all normal to the local people, but look so new to those who visit the island for the first time.

Cooking on an open fireplace

We had so many similar ideas with Tsukudaya in terms of its service and motivation. Why not visit Tsukudaya where you can experience the local lifestyle in an old Japanese house?


152-1 Nakamura, Okinoshima-cho, Oki-gun, Shimane Prefecture

【writer Takayuki Minakuchi from COMINCA TIMES】
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to introduce initiatives that utilizes the old houses of Japan.


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This article uses an article site [COMINCA TIMES] to introduce initiatives that utilize the old houses of Japan.


Address 152-1 Nakamura, Okinoshima-cho, Oki-gun, Shimane Prefecture
Access Take a ferry from Shichiruiko port or Sakaiminato port. A direct flight is available from Itami Airport and Izumo Airport
Phone 08512-4-0077